November 6, 2012

How Disney Saved My Daughter from a Broken Heart

Mikey on his way to Disneyworld

Imagine yourself as an 8 year old child. You finally got your wish to own a sock monkey that you've wished for since a year ago. You wished and wished and wished until your wish came true. You love that little cute thing with all your heart and you're totally inseparable. From waking up to sleeping at night. It was literally your twin... up until the day, your beloved sock monkey went missing...

Heartbroken probably won't begin to describe your emotions.

Mickey went missing on his way back home

Devastated was more like the right description.

Mikey was his name. "Mikey, Mikey, my Mikey..." My daughter muttered in between her anguished whimpers and sobs. She cried inconsolably... all the way from the moment she realized Mikey was gone,  from after stepping off  the Magical Express bus, all the way inside the Magical Express airport counter, all the way to the gate of our flight. Tears, they won't stop. Losing Mikey was too much for her to bear.

I was aghast, helpless and pained. "My poor girl"

Mikey was on top of her luggage when she handed it to the lady bus driver to stow away into the baggage compartment. I can only guess that Mikey fell unnoticed during the process, especially since the driver was a little distracted by the number of guests waiting to board and have their luggages stowed away likewise.

To make the story short, I quickly submitted a lost item report at the Magical Express Counter at the airport where all possible resources were utilized, but no luck. Our main goal at that point on was not to miss our flight so you can just imagine how painful it was leaving without her beloved Mikey. More tears.

"Mikey...My Mikeeeehhyyy" uncontrollable sobs ensued. She cried herself to sleep during the flight.

As soon as we got home, I made sure to call the LOST and FOUND department of Polynesian Resort where Mikey was last seen. Left a message and crossed my fingers.

The next day, the important call came.

"You called and left a message that you lost a sock monkey. Well, I got him right here! I will send him to you right away..."

My heart leaped with happiness a million times! I kept this great news a secret from my daughter until the box came...

Watch this directly on our YouTube Channel: How Disney Saved my Daughter from a Broken Heart

My admiration for Disney tripled a gazillion times more. This is why I can't be faulted for loving Disney with all my heart. It's worth every bit of it. "Thank you Disney! You've proven your magic once more!"


  1. What a sweet video! I love your daughter's passion and spirit! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is so cool! I am glad you got him back!

  3. Wow that is really cool! That is unbelievable! You were lucky to get him back and I'm sure your daughter was very happy! Go Disney!


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