November 20, 2012

Apps You can Rely on When You're Feeling {Holiday} Unprepared

Holidays like Thanksgiving can feel like a monstrous undertaking when you are feeling totally unprepared. Insert {ME} here. And Oh! complicate things by adding a vegetarian in the equation and your meal ideas can go awry very quickly. But before you start pulling your hairs out and throwing in that towel in resignation, let's tap on the power of apps to make your life {include mine} a little, say, simpler.

Holiday Meal Planning made easy.

FOOD 52 - This app provides easy-to-make recipes, including simple vegetarian dishes (hurray!), and covers all possible holiday suggested meals even drinks. Talk about covering your back! This app's got it. 

The app is also visually appealing, in an easy-to-use layout which makes navigation a breeze. Works great when you're frantic and strapped for time. Or most likely, clueless and unprepared. 

Though there's not a whole range of recipe choices for the vegetarian, the Eggplant Parmesan in my book is a sure winner! When you're clueless, sumptuous recipes that's easy to make is heaven-sent.

GROCERY IQ - The app you shouldn't be caught without! Works great hand-in-hand while you're perusing recipes. As soon as you identify the ingredients, without batting an eye, you can quickly add them to your grocery list! This eliminates forgetting them or losing "the" list when written on a paper. What's great about it, is that you can also categorize your list according to which store you need to buy a particular item from! 

My favorite thing about this app is that you can sync with another family member. This means, you can have someone run errands for you when you can't, pronto! No duplicate list to write and you can conquer the list together or separately. You can even continue adding while someone is doing the shopping in your behalf without having to call the person. It updates automatically. And then there's the COUPONS! Now that makes life easy!

Bust out these apps right now and eliminate the "UN" in unpreparedness. So, YOU can enjoy the holidays with gusto!

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+Grocery IQ is a free app and available on both Android and OS platforms.
++ Food 52 is $2.99 designed for both iPad and iPhone. {I got mine free via Starbucks Pick of the Week App available in stores}

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