November 16, 2012

Thank. Give. Inspire. Friday: Thankful for Friendships

WHY it's TGIF!
TGIF was conceived while I was in the potty. I. know. Eww as it may sound, it's the only place where I can really peace. You know this! Having kids can be... a little too chaotic. Hiding in the potty is sometimes the best sanctuary. So, yes the idea came to me while *insert your guesses here* and pondering about Thanksgiving and voila!  It's Friday. And each Friday, I kept saying TGIF. Why not give TGIF a new meaning? As you can see, I did!

And yes, this Friday, I'm thankful for Friendships...

@MaricrisG @Maritramos @Elleinthecity @ConnieFoggles at New Fantasyland Media Preview at Disneyworld - photo courtesy of Maria Ramos of A Savings Wow

My TWIN Sisters
@ShannonCarino @DivasandDorks @DntSpkWhinese @Lizz_Porter @AmyBHole @ElenaSonnino @TechSavvyMama @SueBob @MaricrisG @Shellthings @KristiBonney @AllthingsFadra @LinzLovesYou - Photo courtesy of @Sbadventure

My #NewFantasyLand peeps: @AMomBlog @MaricrisG @MomMaven @Maritramos @StacieinAtlanta @ConnieFoggles @Janinenickel @ADisneyFamly @DasPilar @MomTalkRadio - photo courtesy of Pilar Clark, One Mom Media

Friendships beyond online;  my great reward that comes from events and conferences. Friendships that makes my life in the blogging world a little more, let's just say... excitable! Thank you to those who tolerates me, to those who takes me for who I am and for who I'm not. You are my precious!

So, what are you thankful for this week?

Please join me next week for another edition of TGIF! "I can potty in peace"...Ok I just totally added that in, but yeah TGIF!

P.S. That first picture was totally inspired by Ellen (@Elleinthecity) and her addiction to quotes. Thank you Ellen!

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  1. I'm thankful for you, friend! I love the idea for this series.


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