August 17, 2012

How To Enhance Your (crappy) Mood - My Way!

Stress can sometimes get the best out of you. Some people may even get a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But me? Besides making me grumpy, I get nasty migraine headaches! Oh my poor head! Talk about wanting a replacement and quick. But as reality would have it, that can't be done. Not in a million years! Sometimes though, the simplest of things are the best of solution. In my case, R&R through and through. And that's exactly what I needed this week.

Life got insane and having a nasty migraine headache in the mix made yours truly a not-so-happy-camper! I may just have heard my daughter call me "meanie" one too many times during my two (2) un-glamorous days. Ugh! To say, I was miserable was an understatement. And when I started hearing my daughter chanting "mean mom"... IN MY DREAMS, I  knew it was time for some Ommm treatment... and pronto!

My Mantel - Focal point of my "sanctuary"

My Ommm treatment usually consists of four (4) very simple things: Tea light candles, tea light holders, My favorite lavender-scented incense and incense holders! These are my mood-enhancing tools! NOT drugs thank goodness! Though there is a side effect. You get a craving of wanting to be in this state forever.

Here's how it works:
To create a relaxing ambiance, first, you need to identify a designated "sanctuary". My perfect choice was my living room since the sofa was my loyal BFF for 2 days!

Next, strategically place the tea light holders in areas which will create the most dramatic effect and impact. My top choices were the mantel, the coffee table, side tables and every dark corner that I can illuminate. Then place the incense in the middle of the room or where the fragrant aroma can  be evenly dispersed. You can get a little help from an oscillating fan on low to do this bit of work.

Lastly, close the shades, lay on the couch or your bed, and bathe in the relaxing glow of the tea light candles as you immerse your senses in the calming fragrance of your favorite scent and even get some power snooze with the help of your favorite soothing music to lull you to sleep...

Then hopefully wake up refreshed and migraine-free.

Now say Ommmm with me...

Disclaimer: I can't ever promise peace and quiet. This is because we can't guarantee that your children will keep quiet during the treatment (unless they're in school). We can suggest duct tape but can't guarantee effectivity either. Otherwise, just lock yourself in your room, put earplugs in your ears and pretend you don't hear them when they call "Mom!!!!"

Confession: After this bit of relaxation treatment, I've start feeling human again. AND I may also have a bit of help from coffee. Sip. Gulp. Ommmm....


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