July 6, 2012

If YOU Love Mermaids, You've Gotta Watch this!

photo courtesy of Hulu.com

All these Summer heat has got me started with Mermaids. So let's talk mermaid! Well, I have always been fascinated with Mermaids. Not that I agree they are real, though I wish they were, to me, they're just but one of those enigmatic characters in our twisted or  what I call, "pretzeled" minds that I heard a lot of growing up! As a matter of fact, I grew up 5 minutes away from a beach. Fisherman's tale and their distinct fishy smells are as common as the pesky house flies that seem to stick around for all 365 days!

Yes, kind of like when my husband comes home and blurts "You've been cooking fish again!" as soon as he walks into our house. Man, how it sticks! Even burning tons of incense won't cut it. Yeah it's that distink!

Now as for those age-old tales, I can't be sure if it was sea-sick induced hallucinations that prompted such visions of Mermaids back in the olden days or not. Who knows what goes on while they head out to sea in the wee hours of the morning, in the dark, half-asleep. For all I know, they could be dreaming! Don't you agree?

But then again, who knows! None of that changed my fascination about Mermaids. And now, my daughter caught the mermaid fever. Thank Goodness it's not Beiber fever or I would have jumped off a cliff! You know.what.I.mean.

So my daughter loves Disney's Ariel. Of course! She's the famous mermaid alright. But she's also 8 and maturing. It was time to find a good mermaid upgrade. She's outgrowing Ariel but not her love for mermaids. "Aaah! What do I do?" Well, I took my geekness aka excellent online sleuthing skills to action...and found one that may just unseat Ariel. Thanks Netflix!

I found H20: Just add water and perfectly fits the bill! It's an Australian production which upped it's potential factor for me. All the accent and different culture ingrained in the show was a nice switch from the atypical US stereotype series. Also, I've never seen one where 3 Mermaids take center stage and shine equally. So, it was the IT as soon as I started the first episode. I was hooked. 

She was hooked. Win!

We love it so much, we agreed none of us can watch without the other present. Yup it was a mighty solid agreement. No, of course, I wasn't a saint. And yes, I got tempted to watch without her in more than one ocassion. But I made a promise and made it to the end of the series without breaking it. Whew! Me, good mother.

Our new favorite Mermaids: Rikki, Cleo and Bella (Season 3)

This show is indeed a great find. It's wholesome and family-friendly. And I highly recommend it. Which I've already done so, to bunch of my offline friends. So far, their mermaid-loving fingerlings are lovin' it. That is why I thought I would share these bounty with YOU! Don't want you to miss out on... a good catch! 

And if you're wondering. This is most certainly NOT a sponsored post, though it would have been nice!

I urge you to give it a go-watch. You might just learn how to say H as hech. Or you might just end up with an Australian accent! And THAT is not bad at all... I'm sure my Aussie friend Nigel would love that.

Note: Show is available on Hulu, Netflix, Nickolodeon UK


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