July 26, 2012

Disney's It's A Small World Skin Essentials by Basq - 20% Discount

Skin Essentials Kit Includes Touch Lavender Body Butter 8 oz, 
Dream Lavender Sleep Mist 4oz, Love Nourishing Cleansing Bar 3oz. 

I should tell you right at the onset that I'm a big fan of moisturizers, beauty creams, lavender scent, essential oils and natural options to most remedies. Which brings me to this wonderful discovery of  *Disney's It's a Small World Skin Essentials Kit by Basq. And as one who have been plagued by sleeplessness lately, I'm beyond interested to try out the DREAM Lavender Sleep Mist which is included in the kit, to hopefully help me find that elusive Zzzz's at night or lull me to sleep!

I should also tell you that I was privileged to try TOUCH Lavender Body Butter out in advance when a sample of it was included inside the swag bag that us attendees got from Disney Social Media Moms Conference this year. I fell in love with it and I'm so happy to have another jar to use and review additional products by them.

What I love about each of the products in the kit:

TOUCH Lavender Body Butter
Not only does it smells divine but feels smooth and buttery on the skin. I love applying it at night or after a shower. It makes my skin silky and I love that! Definitely pampering in a small bottle. I couldn't get enough of it. Even my 8 year old loved it. And to be honest, I truly love this body butter! Scent and all. Retails for $26.00

DREAM Lavender Sleep Mist
This is no joke but it actually worked for me. And surprisingly for my daughter too who have been a restless sleeper for the past few days. The Lavender scent was pretty calming. We would pre-spray the room and then one or two more sprays prior to sleeping and that seems to do the trick. Now my daughter won't go to sleep without it. So do I. I may get used to this. And that isn't a bad thing at all if you ask me. More sleep, the better! Retails for $20.00

LOVE Nourishing Cleansing Bar
This soap have a very subtle scent which I love. I also love that essential oils were used. I think it is ideal for anyone who is sensitive to strong scent and for a baby's delicate skin. It also lathers well yet rinse off very easily. Simple, straighforward soap! Love that! Retails for $8.00

Now check out the golden pouch that comes with the kit! It's quite cute and so attractive. All that a Disney-inspired product should be. If you must know it immediately found itself a good spot inside my Minnie Mouse Bag! 

A little thing about Basq:
"The basq line is clinically tested for no Sensitivity and Allergy and all products are Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, SLS Free and not tested on animals. Basq has become the go-to brand for A-List celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Christy Turlington, Marcia Cross, Sheryl Crow and many more looking for head to toe glow."

Basq wants to give you a 20% discount with this discount code: Zensible so you can get the same pampering for yourself just like the celebrities who have already tried and loved them! I urge you to try their products. They also make for a perfect baby shower gift or to a treat for your "new mom" friend. As for me? I love them!

*Skin Essentials Kit retails for $35.00 but items can be bought separately. Basq also have gift sets.

**Basq provided the products to facilitate this review. All opinions are solely ours. No one twisted our arms or paid us to say what we said.


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