February 22, 2012

Live Chat with Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern in Athens, GA as part of his Road Trip for Good series
 Photo courtesy of Appetite for Life
Anyone who is a big fan of Bizarre Foods will immediately recognize the iconic name that made bizarre foods so popular as the person behind it: Andrew Zimmern. I will shamelessly admit that I'm a big fan of him and his show and that my favorite episode is when he went to the Philippines and featured my country's ever-popular "Balut" (duck egg) and ate it! He got my full respect after that considering yours truly won't and will never ever have the guts to eat "balut"! For those curious, I would post pictures of "balut" but this is not a bizarre blog and I certainly don't want you to lose your appetite if you're eating right now. But you're more than welcome to google it and don't say I didn't warn you!

Back to Andrew. I'm pretty excited to find out that Toyota who runs a program called Appetite for Life features Andrew Zimmern, highlighting his other not-so bizarre taste in food which is really refreshing for me to know. I guess I've watched him in Bizarre Foods for so long, I automatically identify his name with strange dishes. But what's even more exciting is that Toyota Prius is presenting a LIVE CHAT with Andrew on Food and Wine's facebook page today at 2pm EST!

And you guessed it my dearies, I will certainly be there! I won't miss it for the world. I've always wanted to interact with him and asked him about his "balut" experience. This is my chance! 

Will you join me? 

*Zensible Mama is an exclusive member of TWIN. All statements expressed here are solely personal opinions and not influenced by Toyota*

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