November 25, 2011

Consumerism: Black Friday... An Unbelievable Deal

We are not Black Friday crazy but out of curiosity and to simply humor ourselves (after a great Thanksgiving dinner at a friends'), we took a detour around our neighborhood Rivergate Shopping center to take a peek at how the big shops are lookin'. The sight we saw made us chuckle in amazement.

Best Buy had police on site. Crowd control perhaps? I bet that's what it was for. Them TV-crazy shoppers needs to be kept in check I guess.

Swung by SuperTarget. Security Patrols were also present. Hmm...should I be thankful I don't go BF shopping?

Old Navy (who happens to be my one of favorite stores, so I had to go see), also already had long line in progress. Well, I guess everyone wanted first dibs on the Kodak Watersport Camera they were giving away.

I hope them who suffered through the long wait, not to say cooold night,  got want they wanted. It sure would be a shame if they didn't.

Are you a big Black Friday fan? What's the bestest deal you've gotten being one?

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