September 6, 2011

A Smile for a Sad Grandma

Lil' Honeycomb Cub and Grandma 
The past month has been a very tough time in my family especially for my mom. My step-dad recently died and that brought her so much sadness that smiling seemingly became a difficult task. How can you bring a smile to someone who is deeply saddened and thousand of miles away from you?

Us? We sent my mom a Build-A-Bear bear! Her granddaughter, my daughter's brilliant idea. She said, "It would be just like a friendship pendant that's cut into two pieces. The two bestfriends get to keep each piece of it as a symbol of their lasting friendship."

And this is how two identical bears took on a special meaning. One for my mom. One for us. Two identical bears that serves as a special connection between us amidst the distance that separates us. A symbol of our love for a special person who means so much to us and one who was also deeply pained. Sending her the bear was with a hope that it will bring her smiles in such a very difficult time. A gift of smile from a granddaughter to a grandma...

Build-A-Bear Workshop will never know the uplifting feeling my mom felt when she held that bear in her hands when she opened that box that day. I was lucky to be there when it came. I saw it. And it was heartfelt. But one things' for sure, their Love.Hug.Smiles movement had surely done a great thing for my daughter... who at that time, due to unwarranted circumstances could not join me when I flew to California in a haste to be at my grieving mother's side... 
But you know what? That bear truly fulfilled it's purpose and I'm quite pleased. It now sits in my mother's living room couch and every time she sees it, she smiles. And that to me, is, priceless. And why does it make her smile? Simple. She said, "Every time I look at it, it instantly reminds me of her {my child, her grandchild} and her smiling face and how much she loves these bears! It tickles my heart."

Personal note:  
On an ironic turn of fate, this seemingly regular project for Build-A-Bear totally became my very own personal story.

For more information and ideas how to share a smile, visit and make someone smile today!

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**Two bears were provided by Build-A-Bear Workshop as part of Love.Hugs.Smiles movement's promotional campaign initiatives**


  1. What an awesome way for your daughter to bond with her grandmother! So sweet.

  2. I got tears in my eyes.. So sweet that you did that.

  3. This video is priceless Maricris! What a joy it did bring to your mom's face.... so so sweet!

  4. Oh how sweet. I'm glad it brought a smile to her face. What a gift a smile is to all who see it. Thank you for sharing your moms. ((HUGS))


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