April 14, 2010

A Beary Enchanting Bearthday Party

Each birthday culminates a milestone in one's life but when it comes to your child, it just leaves you with that feeling of awe and unbelief.

Well, my daughter turned 6 this month and we celebrated her birthday party at Build A Bear Workshop.Her first. What a blast it was! Even us oldies had a great time. Wouldn't you too if Bearemy did a special appearance!? 

He was Pawsome! Now, here's the sweet deal. Bearemy wasn't a part of the birthday package. It was a birthday surprise from a very special person whom I will always cherish and glad to be friends with. Though I won't mention her name, she knows who she is and I thank her with all my heart! One thing I can tell you though, is that because of her, we've gotten super duper extra-special attention from the Staffs! Definitely made our first party at BABW and my daughters' birthday celebration beyond magical! Now, Tanis who led the party revealed that it was her first party assignment. Yes, first for first! Besides, minor glitches it was nonetheless a fun-filled experience!

Here's how to make the most out of your Party:

  • Set your price and stick to it : It's easy to lose track and blow-up your budget when kids starts picking up toys beyond your limit like what happened to mine. Thank God for discount coupons!
  • Give firm instructions : Make sure Staff/Party leader police the kids and point out the toys at which they're to choose from and be diligent about it especially if there's more than six kids.
  • Inform the Parents : It would do you good that they have a clear knowledge of your party guidelines. I told each parents to cover any excess, should their kids wanted more for their stuff toys.  
  • Discount coupons : Make sure to make use of the $10 discount coupons you get in the mail or online. They certainly help! 
    • Opt for cupcakes : Instead of Cake, opt for a mess-free, easy to handle cupcakes. The BABW store at Carolina's Place Mall didn't have a Party room, so the rest of the party was held at the Food Court. The cupcakes were lifesavers. No slicing, no bulky containers and the kids loved it!
    Best thing about being at the mall, we wrapped up the party at the play area so the kids can burn off all the sugars in their system! 

    Why you should have a Party at BABW:
    • It only costs $60 for 6 kids.
    • You don't pay extra for the Party leader who entertains the kids.
    • More time for you to socialize with guests.
    • Less headache planning and running the party.
    • No messy house to clean after-party
    Thanks Build A Bear Workshop. My daughter is 100% hooked on you! So is Me...

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    1. Looks like a really fun time! We've been thinking about having ER's there next time because she just loves it but I was worried about the expense. Thanks for your cost cutting tips.


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