August 20, 2011

Letting Go is Hardest

Everyday my dust bunnies torments me. Then there's my daughter's room that torments me more than hell itself. It gets to me every freaking time. It's like walking into a horror mansion. It's scary. Stressful. And very upsetting...

Can't win.

Well, not all the time. There are times when I just have to learn to...yep, I'm gonna say it..."let go".

I just learned to do that yesterday. The simmering stress from the taunting sight of the dust bunnies, my daughter's messy room and every freaking corner of our small house that spelled "MESS" in bold letters all factored in to get me to my boiling point and literally erupted like the long dormant Mount Pinatubo.

I was the scary one this time.

But before I can obliterate everything on sight to smithereens, I sat in a corner, fuming, and with one deep breathe, I decided to accept defeat. This was beyond my control. And not having that control was causing me grief.

Letting go is the hardest. More so when you see you are losing control over a situation. But like I said, you can't win a battle all the time. Certain things take precedence: life, work and family time. Messy house, unfinished household chores always seem to be the horrific end result. Yes, they give you stress but they're not life threatening unless you are a hoarder.

Blogging is like this too. We get so carried away by the pressure of having better stats, to keep up with the dooces and drummonds, we begin to lose the fun in what we do. Blogging simply becomes a game to win. A competition. An obligation. 

But you know what? In real life, it's not all about winning. It's about having the courage to accept defeat when you see it. So, let go and just go with the flow. Who knows where it will take you...And you better count on it, I'm telling myself that...right now.

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  1. Good for you hun! I know how stressful it can be to let go of what you can't control but you are absolutely right, there are more important things in life. <3 yah


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