March 8, 2011

Cirque Du Soleil Totem in Town

When I heard Cirque Du Soleil was coming to town with their new touring show Totem, I was beyond excitement! Anyone who knows Cirque Du Soleil would readily agree that it is the best in the industry. I first saw them performing on TV years ago and became a big fan from then on and wished one day I'll see it live. That wish came true just the past Thursday when I was invited to watch the premiere show with my family. If you guessed I was ecstatic, you are quite right! 

The sight of the Grand Chapiteau is simply breathtaking. One can't help but feel awe just by looking at the huge tent that houses the entire show. It is also useful to note that, one of the things that "wowed" guests besides the show itself {which is a given}were the "porta johns" which were nothing like the "porta johns" one normally knows. These ones were "state of the art", well-maintained and clean to the delight of the guests. Hors' de oeuvres were also served before the show and champagne during the intermission which was a nice touch to opening night!
Goofing around with the hats at the concession area before the show

One thing you'll immediately notice inside the production area is the elaborate staging and sophisticated details of the stage props. And to prove how captivating it was, my 6 year old squealed with delight almost non-stop just marveling at all the sights in front of her. Which was replaced with "ooohs and aaahhs" and "wohoos" as soon as the show started. Though opening jitters might have gotten the best of one of the performers of the unicycle act who kept dropping her bowls but the rest of their intricate act quickly regained the audience's favor.
We were seated on the Tapis Rouge {VIP} section which gave us a great view of the stage. What totally impressed me were the spectacular choreography and the exquisite costumes each performer wore. The live music and female soloist also contributed to the great quality of the entire performance. Definitely a must-see show! Watch the video clip below and see exactly what I mean.

Video courtesy of Cirque Du Soleil via Youtube
Totem will be in Charlotte from March 3 - March 27, 2011 located at Charlotte Motor Speedway Silver lot parking. Concessions are available inside. Restriction: photos, cellphones and videos are not allowed inside the show. Tickets are from $38.50 to $250 (Tapis Rouge section).

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** Cirque Du Soleil provided 3 Tickets as part of it's marketing initiative**

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