October 19, 2010

Cooking in America: The Peril of Instant Food

Growing up in Asia, instant food is a rarity or close to never as primary meal options served on the dining table. Meals are usually prepared from fresh ingredients. Home-cooking at it's best. That's what I'm used to and I'm good with that but when it comes to baking, I'm an epic fail - yes, just like the fail whale! But call it my my luck {?},  I was recently "introduced" to these nifty, ready to bake products in canisters to liberate me from this handicap. Baking-dummy-me, immediately took a liking. They are no mess, no kneading-prepping-needed goodness! I'm hooked. I'm in 7th heaven. Finally, to bake with success! Instant bake. Instant Food.  BUT there's a catch... just because it's easy, it doesn't mean it can't be scary and dangerous...
A few of my favorites with relatively good ingredients: 
Immaculate Baking Co. All Natural and Pillsbury's Simply

Yes, dangerously scary...Who would have thought that these simple, innocent-looking canisters containing the ready to bake yumminess inside can create so much chaos and fright! Not to mention being the object of laughter everytime I scream and jumped just by opening one! Yeah, sick joke...
Just like what happened with this Immaculate All Natural Buttermilk Biscuits canister above that I opened one night. The blasted carton won't budge open like it normally does. And just when I was ready for a drastic option...the canister went POP! right out of my hand - so loud, it scared the bejeebeez out of me - I screamed like a banshee as the canister literally flew across the room! My heart was pounding so hard, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Seriously, I don't understand why they are packaged this way. Unless of course, the intention is to give the consumers a heart attack! Conspiracy theory anyone?

If you ask me, they're nasty, dangerous scare-bombs! But delicious...

So, here's a little warning:
  • If you have a weak heart don't dare open one. Let someone open the canister for you and make sure you are not within earshot - unless of course you find pleasure being scared.
  • Point the top away from youWhen it pops, the canister explodes open and may push the tin top flying off. You don't want that hitting you in the face! - I told you it can be dangerous.
But wait, before you swear not to ever try them, there is a great reward at the end of this scary process...
My yummy buttermilk biscuits!

To me, this is a rite of passage to no turning back for sure. Now wait a sec, I've never spoken to my Mother-in-law for years {she doesn't like me}- You think this would be a great gift idea for her? What do you think?

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  1. mmm instant.. I'm a bit guilty there. =s

    ....and if you want your mom-in-law not to talk to you for more years, then that biscuit would be a great idea. (kidding) well, you said it's yummy so i think she'll appreciate it. (except for the bang before she opens it hehe)


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