September 11, 2010

Simply Water! - Activeion Ionator HOM™ Review

If you are a mom like me who despises chemicals on all the cleaning products we have out in the market today, wouldn't you be thrilled if you find one that actually uses just water to help do the filthy work around your house with you? I don't know about you, but I would definitely give it a try!

The Science Inside the ionator. There are two key scientific concepts driving the technology in the Activeion™ products: electrolysis and electroporation. The science of electrolysis is over 100 years old, and the science of electroporation has been around for decades. Before Activeion, products incorporating these technologies cost thousands of dollars or were only available in specialized laboratory equipment. Activeion is the first to combine the science of electrolysis and electroporation into a small, handheld appliance available to everyone. The result is a device that cleans-up dirt and kills harmful germs with tap water and needs no chemical-related health warning label. - activeion

Watch the video to find out what cool thing I found out about this nifty gadget. It might just make you look at water in a different way after this. The ultimate question is, are you willing to pay for a household cleaner that uses just water? You decide.

**Activeion provided the product for review through MomSelect.
Which I did! I had the privilege to try out Activeion Ionator HOM™ and was like a rude awakening to something so ordinary yet so new. How can a simple water do what a normal cleanser would? The secret?


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