July 4, 2010

Letter From A Child - A Fourth of July Story

When a child does something unexpected and so brilliantly profound beyond their years, it stays with you forever...

Today we spent the day unbound by schedule or activity. It was a good day to be just a family having fun in town. We walked into ON for a leisurely window shopping. As I prowl the aisles, my child urgently proclaimed that she was heading the opposite direction but close enough where I can see her and that she really NEEDED to be there! So, what could be so important that she needed to head there immediately???

This is what she saw:
A table in the middle of the selling area filled with notes and crayons. It wasn't the crayons nor the thought of playing there that attracted her to head that way. Instead, it's WHY the table was placed there. She wanted to write a letter. She REALLY wanted to! No, NEEDED to! So she rushed towards it and started writing... Her own words...From her heart...

I watch in amazement as she penciled every letter and every word..."How can a child so young be filled with so much love and wisdom?" I couldn't help asking myself.

Here she is. Teeming with love and gratitude. So proud of what she wrote and draw. A heartfelt THANK YOU from the bottom of her heart...

A HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO ALL!  Remember our soldiers....AND their families...

1 comment:

  1. This is heartwarming!

    Adorable Jenna must get her love and appreciation from her mother.

    Thank you for sharing Maricris.



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