July 7, 2010

The Gateway Arch and the Ice Cream Bears

The magnificent Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri
which took my breath away! Literally...

The Limited Edition Ice Cream Bears 
and our very own Orange Sherbet
 which I won during the Build-A-Bear Workshop Conference on June 25th
which took my daughters' breath away!

The Ice Cream Bears Collection officially launched July 2, is a Limited Summer edition and is available while supplies last. They are $20 each or $35 if you buy two and comes with loads of fun from Baskin Robbins and Buildabearville.com until Sept 30th! Hurry and grab one before they're gone! The collection features four bears in new tasty flavors:
Orange Sherbet Bear
Mint Chip Bear
Bubble Gum Bear
Hot Fudge Sundae Bear

Check the Gallery for more picture fun! Happy Wednesday to you! Stay Zen!


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