June 10, 2010

Oh Snap Crackle Pop!

I'm just a-snappin' and a-cracklin' Pop with excitement to tell you that I've been chosen to be a Rice Krispies Brand Ambassador for The Motherhood! And what is so super-duper fun about this, is that I get to take part in the Summer Edition of the Rice Krispies Recipe Box Challenge!

Imagine Iron Chef America or Chopped on Food Network. What makes them so similar besides coming up with the best tasting recipes? If you haven't guessed quick enough, I'll tell you that the answer is THE secret ingredient! Well, in this challenge, we have to work with one too! Aw, the agony of pure anticipation!

There's ten of us in this challenge- and all are exempted from being chopped, thank goodness - each of us received a word clue in the mail which is a part of an entire sentence that we needed to put together to discover the "secret ingredient"! We "met" on Twitter to reveal our clues and it was so much fun just trying to construct a sentence that makes sense. I love solving puzzles and I was able to put the words together in the right order and helped solved the clue even with one word clue missing. Loved it!

Here's our clue: "Fourth of July's cooler when kids help create Rice Krispies Treats recipes!" The secret code is "cooler" which calls for a frozen or cold ingredients! I have a few ideas running inside my head now but let's see how I make it into a workable, eatable, winningest recipe! I can't wait to see what all ten of us will come up with. One lucky challenger will have it's recipe featured on www.RiceKrispies.com. Will it be Moi? *crossing fingers and toes*

Here's the rest of the Team:
1) Amy of  Mommy Mandy
2) Kelsey of Naptime Chef
3) Jodi of Mom’s Favorite Stuff
4) Beth of The Plus Size Mommy
5) Melissa of GirlyMama
6) Alicia of The Mommy Insider
7) Jenny of Mommin’ It Up
8) Kimberly of Pretty Pink Momma
9) Melanie of Modern Mami

Watch out for the recipe challenge unfolding soon. And here's a special treat for you! One lucky reader of Zen MamaVentures will win one Rice Krispies TreatsTM Cookbook as part of this challenge! Stay tune beautiful tweeps!

Ok gotta do some brainstorming. Let me know if you have any cool ideas to share! You'll cheer on me will ya?

* As part of this project for Motherhood, a stipend is received.


  1. Congrats Maricris! Looking forward to seeing how Rice Krispies puts the snap, crackle and pop in your blog! You know I couldn't resist that one! :-)

  2. Looks like a great challenge! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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