April 7, 2010

Window to My World Wednesday: North CarolinaPollenication!

My car each given day. Covered with "Gold Dust"

This is how bad pollen is in North Carolina right now. And for allergy-sufferers like me, it's real BAD NEWS! With all the wacky weather we were having lately, even mother nature is confused and so are the plants and trees.

 This is today's Pollen forecast around the country courtesy of Pollen.com

Does it makes you wonder what causes this phenomena? I do!

Here's a good explanation:
"Most plants, including trees — and that includes pine trees, which is most of the pollen you're seeing — their flowering is based on day length and on accumulated heat hours, and then the weather," said Russ Pohl, chief of the reforestation department for the Georgia Forestry Commission.
"So the cold weather through most of the spring sort of delayed that accumulation of heat hours, and things were moving along very slowly. Then suddenly things got hot, and reached that critical mass of heat hours in a hurry. . . . And then the other thing is, the pollen is not released unless you have dry weather."
Once it got hot and dry, plants popped like pollen bombs.- excerpt from Tim Chitwood Article/Ledger-Enquirer
Which is what happened here the past few days. It got so hot all of a sudden!

Thank God for tissues with lotion and Aloes...

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  1. The pollen is out of control here in the mountains too. It is effecting L's asthma so much and even M is being bothered by it.


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