March 14, 2010

Flip side of Zen: 5 Bizarre Ways to Relieve Stress

Trying to live a stress-free life is never ever going to happen no matter what other so-called experts might say. Stress is born with us. It's our twin. Our nemesis. Our prosecutor. And will stay with us until we end up 6ft under the ground. Not sounding overly dogmatical (sorry, I like using big words), Stress just like Samson, has it's own Delilah or weak points to point it bluntly and can be managed when done right (or in an uncanny way).


a) Smash Plates - Japan has special places for smashing and throwing plates for those stressed out or angry. 200 Yen for one session (about $2.21). Free to scream and cry.

 Mobile smashing plate truck

b) Head Kenzan Massager - A florist tool turned into a stress-relieving contraption. Made in Japan. Doubles as a weapon?

 3. Relaxation Drinks - The only substance drink not regulated by FDA. It's Ok to drink yourself crazy.Popular with Teens. Wonder why.

iChill, Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda, Drank, Vacation in a Bottle, and Blue Cow

 4. Smoke Tobacco - Nicotine gives the brain the ultimate high but also lung cancer along the way. Not to say the premature wrinkles. But still the number 1 choice by most?

5. Laughter Yoga - Yoga without the yoga. The only key exercise is to laugh your heart out. It's ok to look like a clown too. Laughter Yoga Clubs are all over the world.

What is your stress-busting formula?


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