January 30, 2010

Winter Fun in the Carolinas

UPDATE: I got this note on my Facebook wall today from a friend and OMG! My little girl was on TV!

"We just saw J on news 36. I guess you sent in a picture, well they put it on. Now She is famous and has been seen all over Charlotte." - Robert Beaver

I have not seen the broadcast but you can find that same picture in the collection below or in this link as seen on TV- call me ecstatic!


Waking up to a winter wonderland today and in January is a first (and I believe in the history of the Carolinas) in 6 years here in Charlotte NC so we are pretty ecstatic!

We frolicked early in the morning and everything looked pristine and quiet as we were the only one out in my street. It was cold but worth it!

Enjoying the mostest! Look at this live vidcast I did today to give you a glimpse into this winter fun we had today.

Keep Warm!


  1. wish there's snow here in RP also, it's so hot right now :(

    please do visit and do leave your comments so i can visit you again

    my real story
    one of my faves

  2. I saw that pic on the news of your friend's daughter - how adorable! Love when stuff like that happens. Loving the winter weather!


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