January 11, 2010

Why are we judged by our colors?

I've always taken the high road whenever I'm met with prejudice and cynicism for being a person of color especially when it's sensible to. Lashing out at distasteful individuals who has no sense of humanity is just a waste of effort and energy. It's not worth it.

But to hear a fellow parent committing the purest form of prejudice, I can't help but feel ghastly pained and disgusted to no end! My child goes to the same school as this parent's children. He had recently announced that they were moving their kids to a private school because according to him the school is starting to fall apart by the sole reason it now have more Blacks and Hispanics kids. WTF! If his reason was because of a dysfunctional education system, I would have fully agreed with him but OMG! the number of "colored kids" is his basis for a good school? C'moooonnnn!

I can't help but question his integrity as a person. This is how kids learn prejudice. From their own parents! Does he really want his kids to learn this ridiculous act and look at others with disparity and parody at every given opportunity? No wonder we can't find peace and harmony anywhere. Even in the smallest of community there is "war". I'm a colored person, my daughter is semi-colored. It's not our fault we are colored.

I wish some people have more sense to see past and beyond the ugly history long gone and look at us  for what we are: a human, living person and not be judged by the color of our skin and race! Plain and simple. Why does other people find it difficult to do just that?

In retrospect, prejudice happens to everyone but it does hurt to the core of your being when you're mainly targeted solely because of your appearance. If you were ever a victim of prejudice, what would your first reaction be? And how would you deal with the situation?


  1. That parent is an idiot for his prejudice and ignorance. Shame on HIM!! I hear this from parents time to time even in Los Angeles, truly a colorful city if ever there was one! I tell the parents, I want my children to learn how to live in a real world, real city, where Not everyone lives in your color skin, language, culture, lifestyle preference. Some folks are shocked that we go downtown with the boys, to Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Olvera Street, etc. They love it! We all have been the victim of prejudice, some just are too dumb to realize how small their world is!

  2. Wow, that is so sad. I'd like to think that this type of thing doesn't exist anymore, but it wouldn't be true. And as long as people still think this way and raise their kids to think that way it will never end..


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