January 6, 2010

Resolutions gone wild

Why do we create resolutions year after year only to fail miserably? Is there any point in making them knowing we won't keep them anyway? What if your resolutions transforms itself into a living nemesis, a nuisance if you must and overkill whatever sensible attempt you have? Oooh this sound eerie doesn't it? I could say blame it on my Sci-Fi brainwashed noggin, or whatever intelligible reasoning is left of it anyway.

So, Why is it a nemesis? Let me attempt to dissect the not-so-obvious.

Take a look at yourself and tell me how many have you accomplished during the course of many years. Me? Nil,zip,nada and lots of regrets after. You're probably saying, "it's your fault!" Well, you maybe right but nah, some resolutions just like the firecrackers on New Year, they're spectacular at first and then fizzles away into Shang-ri-la! Total oblivion.

Weight loss for example. My resolution- time and again, is to loss these undying flabs and double folds for good with the help of a cool gadgetry like say, Wii. Unfortunately, my Santa didn't give me what I so wished for- and yet again for the nth Christmas time! Not that he is to be blamed but the lack thereof, of course has left me unmotivated to exercise! There goes my resolution - laughing at my misfortune! It may be a lame excuse, you say, but to do something you have to be motivated, and without that motivation, everything else is, um, worthless...

So this year, like any other New Years, my resolution is to NOT MAKE any resolutions that I can't keep! A tamed, sensible, achievable goals at this point are my ideals. A few of them that you too may find useful:

a) Network More not just online but via Social Media Conferences and Mom Projects- so far 2010 is proving to be a good year!
b) Redefine my online portfolio to focus on my professional skills and highlight current achievements.
c) Update my blog regularly and post relevant topics.
d) Time Management: finding a better balance between motherhood, career and business.
e) Actively take part in Charitable causes.
f) Set a time for a regular GNO with my daughter.
g) Boost the success of our personal businesses this year.

I can go on and on but then it won't make any sense to do that. What about you, have you gotten tired making resolutions each year OR you're one of those incurable resolutioner- giving up is not in your vocabulary?

Oh as for the weight loss...don't get fooled. Wii is not the end of it. But now Wii is a different story. That elusive bad boy will stay on my wish list until I get my hands on it. Yo betcha!

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  1. Thank you for this insightful post. I think change is more organic, spurred on by internal or external forces outside of a new year.
    Blessings to you and yours for a wonderful year!


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