October 19, 2009

Who was your first?

A-ha! Naughty minds! Well, we don't want any dirty talk here - though dirty minds are allowed once in a while - just for fun. Call me prude but we'll stick with wholesome, shall we?

So let's have a little fun while we're at it. Today, I was tweeting with the fabulous Renee Ross. Nothing super-special about that you say BUT did you know that I was the first person to comment on her blog?

Yes I was.

I never knew that until later on when she pointed it out in one of her posts. It is a special bond I share with her  now. Today as I exchange tweets with her, it made me think of how that first comment created this special relationship between us. Has my first comment sparked a deeper love for blogging? I'll have yet to ask her. As for me, the first person who commented on my blog was also the first person who showed me the way to blogging. You wouldn't be reading me right now if it wasn't for her.

Now the FUN begins. Let's pay it forward and pay tribute to the first person who commented on our blogs by posting a short story remembering who they are, where they are now and how that first comment changed your perspective about blogging or what it sparked in you. My tribute goes to:

Meeya has always been the social butterfly. The PR gal among the mom group I use to belong to locally. Her and her family moves a lot due to the nature of her hubby's job and blogging was her outlet. That's how I found out about blogging. She was very supportive when I told her I've created my blog. As soon as it was up, she was there commenting like crazy! I loved it. I never looked back since. Last I've heard she's back in the Philippines.

Now it's your turn. Who was your first? Join this fun trivia blog hop and let us know who it was so we can all pay tribute to them. Also a great way to meet more fabulous bloggers and new friends along the way. Not  to say new traffic to your blog and search engine exposure as we hop along. Don't miss out on the fun! All you need to do is Link your post to Mc Klinky here  or below. Grab the code to join the blog hop and post it in your blog post then grab this Golden Award for your Tributee!

Let's get rollin' and blog hoppin'!

MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. What a great idea for a bloggy award!! :) Love it! My first was my mother. Heck, i think she was my first through hundreth. LOL

  2. Hi. Thank you for dropping by. I hope your visit to Malaysia was good.

    I would like to follow your blog and hang out a while. I hope it is okay.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about this award!



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