October 15, 2009

Bringing Sexy Back!

I'm a person who's always loved challenge and thrive in it. The more daring it is, the more I'd persevered. This is how I managed all these years. I've survived a major killer earthquake, lost a brother and my father to death, the second war in Iraq, and a totally new culture in which I now call home. I would like to think that I can conquer anything else except when it comes to my weight.

I must admit I feel like a major loser when it comes to overcoming the challenges of losing my weight. I've let 5 years worth of fat who's found home on my belly and on my waist rule me which in turn affected my health. I'm prone to get sick and tire easily. In my defense, I did start a walking regimen but thank you to all these germies floating around, I haven't done any in 2 weeks. But I have a gameplan and I'm taking back control. I want to bring my healthy and hopefully my "sexy" body back! I deserve it. Enough with all these unwanted fat and hiding under huge clothes!

I've taken the first step by submitting a video to EA Sports Active "Active for Life 6-week Challenge" to help me jumpstart my intentions. It didn't matter if I was looking sick or not feeling well in this video below. What I wanted was to send a message across that this is me now, I needed help and I'm up for the challenge.

I invite you to take this challenge with me. EA Sports active has inspired a lot of men and women to get active and be healthy. I want to be one of them and you can too. You can submit your Challenger Video and to get more information about the challenge here: Active for Life. The deadline to submit is on Monday, October 19.

I know that there will be great struggles ahead but If these fabulous challengers did it, I know I can too. All I need to do now is get passed the first step...

And if you're up for a little Party to celebrate being healthy & active, come check out Mamavation Launch Twitter Party where EA Sports Active is one of the sponsors. Don't Miss out!


  1. What a great idea to encourage yourself back on the fitness wagon! I have a weight problem and a million excuses not to work it off. I think i'll click on over to the challenge. Thanks :))

  2. you can do it girl! I am too trying to start getting my "old" body back. Exercise is my biggest obstacle. Hopefully we can be there for eachother!

  3. Maricris, you are a gorgeous woman. But, I think the motivation to have more energy, and spend less time with doctors is an awesome one.

    Losing much motor control in my legs has made exercise a challenge for me, but with my physical therapist, and with some serious look at my diet, I hope I will have more energy again. (and shrink up my belly so I dont have to roll my tshirts on like a pair of stockings. LOL)

    God bless you

  4. Thank you so much for posting! The secret to weight loss is a daily commitment. You aren't going to be perfect and that is okay...you just keep getting back on that horse. You can do it! The EA SPORTS Active is a GREAT way to get back into shape! Kudos to you!!

  5. You're gorgeous! It's always good to stay healthy though. I should learn from this. Hehe. Go girl!

  6. Good luck! I'm glad you know that you deserve it. Taking care of ourselves should not be considered a treat. It's an absolute necessity.

  7. This reminds me of the belly dancing I planned of doing in my spare time but it's been months now that I haven't done it. You're a challenger, and yes, you can do it!


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