January 17, 2009

The Red Deal

Next Saturday is the Chinese New Year Party. As mentioned in my previous Siesta Saturday , I Celebrate two New Years and Jan 26th is this years' Chinese New Year which is The Year of the Ox. It is also a BIG event for me this year- hence reason why I'm in a quest for the perfect little black dress. Have you submitted your finds yet? Lucky entry will win a surprise gift.

For those not culturally-challenged, RED in Chinese Tradition, is a big deal! Red connotates GOOD Luck making it specially important during Chinese New Year. Want some Good Luck? Wear Red! Need to know more? Familyculture.com have more answers. Or have Sara Naumann tells you all about the famous RED UNDERWEAR! Hmmm....I'm seeing fiery red now...

Admittedly, I don't like the color red! Yet this is the only time I will make exclusive exemptions. Who doesn't want Good Luck for the whole year right? I, of course have a great idea on what to wear. Forget red clothing. I'm going for this:

Traditional Lotus Flower Carved in Red Cinnabar Necklace

Want to try your luck with red? You can find more of these Red Chinese-inspired jewelries online at Golden Flower Creations. The stock is limited due its' distribution exclusivity to a Chinese Martial Arts School intended for New Year. But after Jan 24th, rest of the design will be available to public.

If you want other than the color red, how about this?

It comes with matching Oh la la Earrings and is part of a whole slew of beautiful bracelets which can be found at Golden Flower Creations other online store HERE . Or you can click on the widgets on the side bar on the right to browse both stores.

What are you waiting for? Grab some RED today!

As for me, Here's my 1st Hong Bao {red envelope} with goodies!

The Proximity Award from HelloSweetWorld and Wolf of Musings
One Lovely Blog Award {again} from Wolf of Musings
Lemonade Award from Joanne of Barely Domestic Mama and Lisa of Serah's Soaps
Friends Award from Julia of Our Simple Life

ThaNk you...

"I'm sure I've missed a few couples of them here and there but please know I appreciate each one of them..."

I'm passing it on... I'll make it simple. No rules. No Instructions.
Just Grab!

To New Bloggy Friends:

Beth of Anti-Supermom
Cynthia of Confessions of a Yummy Mummy
Lori of Time of your Life
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Martha of A Sense of Humor is Essential
Bird,Frizzy and Little Yaya

There's more of you I want to mention but my fingers and eyes are bloody tired! So, It's up for grabs to all my bloggy friends who want it!

And to all my readers and visitors, yes YOU,
this award is for you too.
I appreciate all of you and your presence here. Always...

Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Thanks! You are such a sweetie always sharing your awards so generously! I love that lotus cinnabar necklace. I'm not one for red either..but I do love that. I imagine it looking awesome w/ a little black dress...a splash of excitement!

  2. happy almost chinese new year! my hubby studies mandarin and there's a big party next weekend at his chinese school. i was just wondering what year it was going to be!! im a pig, myself ;).

  3. Thank you so much, Zen Ventures! The jewelry is beautiful. Happy Chinese New Year!

  4. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

  5. Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog with your awards. The Chinese New Year sounds fun!

  6. Cool blog! Love the design and your writing.

  7. Thank you for the award(s)! I'm just going to take the entire envelope, because who doesn't love getting more than one?! And I'm sure I fit into each one somehow, right?
    P.S. That lotus necklace is pretty snazzy!

  8. Thank you so much!! You are so sweet! ♥

  9. Happy New Year on the 26th! Thanks for the advice to wear red!

  10. Oh my gosh, you are soooo lovely! Thank you so much for the award; I will cherish it!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Happy New Year to you!

  11. Thank for the award, I like that it's with no attachments :)

    LOVE that red necklace, well, it's all gorgeous.

  12. Thanks for stopping by- enjoyed your sweet comments. The necklaces are beautiful. I am not much for wearing red either - it just does not seem to look right on me - but I love it on others!!

  13. Congrats on being #1 at SITS!
    Have a Marvelous Monday!! :)

  14. Happy upcoming New Year! I will definatley wear red. Thanks for the award, I really do appreciate it. It's very nice of you by the way.

  15. Hiya! I'm looking forward to CNY myself! ;)
    Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy new year)!

  16. You are still taking awards with such grace.

    I miss you!


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