January 28, 2009

DeCode Wednesday - Dancing Queens?

First off, here are the giveaway winners: Safire of living in Maryland won the Save Handmade giveaway. Bird, Frizzy and our little Yaya of Heaven's gift won the surprise gift for Quest for the Black dress contest. Congrats and thank you to all who participated. Watch out for more.

Now for some fun! A week ago, I decided that last week's Decode Wednesday will be the last due to lack of players but a lot of you told {begged} me NOT to retire it. So for the sake of those who really like this game, I'll give it one more chance. Here's the 4th Edition!

This one's easy.
What's wrong with these Dancing Queens?

Nothing really, they're just having fun, right?
yeah Right! Except for one and some!

click on the image to enlarge picture

Shoeless Queens!
And I won't even guess why he's got that look!
I'll just cover my nose!

Yes, this has been going around all night!
can you blame the poor kid?

I hope you all enjoyed this one.

For Posterity, I'm including Mr. Linky for the last time to those of you who may want to RSVP to play along next week otherwise we'll see. ThaNk you!



  1. Wasn't sure I'd have an entry, but my little dude came through.

  2. Such a funny picture, nobody looks like they are having a good time. Congrats to the Winners! I just thought of something to post, I will be back to do Mr.Linky.

  3. Funny pics and congrats to your winners!

  4. You're so good! I love de-coding these, i can just never think of any myself!!

  5. Oh, God. Dance party of the damned. Reminds me of the last party I went to. They still owe me.

    ;^) Anna

  6. I can't believe I won! YEAH! Thank you very much. Where is your email so I can contact you with my address? Thank you again! I've been wearing red as much as possible in honor of the Chinese New Year. Our family needs all the luck we can get. LOL!

  7. How fun! I don't know how you thought of this but I loved it!

  8. that was a great idea. Love the guess what's missing thing.....

  9. What a funny picture. I love the closeup on the toesies.

  10. Loved the pictures.
    So many memories!

  11. I left my link for Mr Linky...and hey nice photos...:)

  12. Shoe-less dancing = smelly dance floor. this one just sends me ROFL


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