December 15, 2008

How to Lose your Readers in A week

Aha! are your reading this ? Gotcha!!! I got you to read it! na.. na! Ok enough of my immature self...

So, Are you ready to lose your readers? what the... of course not! right?

Noticed that blue thingy in my sidebar that counts my readers - yeah that thingy...I managed to kill off most of my readers in a matter of days {my own little Feedburner Massacre} without intending to. Am I talented or what?! NO CLUE how I did it but I think I know what did...
Does any of you share the same dilemma? Does it bother you so much when you start losing your readers? Do you long for MORE readership of your blog and wonder how you'll ever KEEP them glued to your blog?
Lately, I was testing the waters and somewhat been experimenting on what will make my blog click to figure out what works best! If you're like me - a bit in limbo - not sure what best defines your blog and what it needs to focus on (slight case of ADHD maybe) - I would say read on...move along it wont hurt... best I can say, is learn from my mistake... poor me...

So, I confess, these are the things I DID and DO THIS ONLY {absolutely} if you want to lose your readers:

a) Drama - who loves drama anyway? - some people likes a touch of drama - I just realized- only to a certain extent. {But my life is such a drama!} I guess I overdid myself and got carried away by my (oh so) dramatic self. I killed most of my readers with dramatic posts ( ticked them off ) and left me (serves me right, right? oh please come back to me! ) - bu hu! - (Ok now, get a grip of yourself, self! ) Too much drama -not a good idea!

b) Humor - a good laugh with a little cynic to it always works. But I didn't have much of this in my agenda (I told you too much drama)! My blog went poof! boring... Zzzzz... A good example of funny, slapstick kind of blog that clickety click! is Vodka Mom {you owe me one you witch! Plugging you for free! HA!}. She's got a nasty spell on me...her uncanny humorous way of presenting her topics are just crazy funny. I want to be like her but not so much LIKE HER or I would puke! *grin*

c) Kids - I don't have four or five or two to brag about {my eggs are cruel} - I only have one and I don't talk about her much or even show good pictures of her for all the world to see. Not that I don't want to, I just have this GREAT repulsion to doing it -browse through my posts and you'll see - fear maybe or plain protective. I chose the latter {sounds a lot more pleasing}. But yeah, they are wonderful attraction to blogs when done right . I get F+ on this one...

e) Infrequent Posts
- (uh, I do work for a living too, you know) enough said...I don't even have to explain...ugh!
But this is a killer!

d) Reviews - ack! what reviews? are you kidding? Nope no reviews BUT that's gonna change ( I hope). I posted one the other day. Wohoo! - I've noticed that bloggers who does reviews does get more traffic and readers because of the useful information and giveaways that goes with it. Who doesn't love Freebies, right?! It's also a way of being informative which will draw some attention. Anyone wants a review or sponsorship ? I'm here, I'm here!

Now the question is, what does really work anyway? With all due respect, Readers are unpredictable. They come and go. We hear this everytime : Good content makes them stick - but what is good content really consists of ? {especially when I'm talking about my so-called dramatic life} Is it really the content or readers having ADHD issues?

Various Experts have different opinions. You be the judge...But if the things I DID NOT DO works to your advantage - good for you! - I just want my readers baaaaaccckkkk!!! ok my immature self is back ...

Time to hit the power button off...


  1. Hi,

    great post! I read it with pleasure, and I'm sure that if you keep writing like this you'll get all your readers back!


  2. I think you have a great blog..and I love the realness of it..I'm not eloquaint either (probably didn't even spell it right) couldn't be if I tried. I guess our blogs can't make every person happy..just like our jewelry..different strokes for different folks!

    I don't know if I'm counted as a reader on your feedburner thing..I should be. I dissappear once in a while because of my own lifes drama...but then I show up again. I think I'm having a problem connecting to your site through the link to it on my blog. The last few times I tried it, the page woudl never I just thought your page was having difficulties and moved on. Today again it didn't work so I went and googled you and then get to your site from googles link.

  3. Hey! Thanks for stalking my soap :) LOL! I'll be back to visit... no amount of drama can keep me away :)

  4. You've got a reader in me! I like your style. This post was awesome!

  5. Hi, was at Umma's noticed your callsign. Very interesting post you have.
    Just have fun from your heart, but have fun.
    Best regards, Lee.

  6. I am not sure that you are aware of this but the feedburner number changes all of the time. If a person does not check the feed and mark it as read then you don't the person in your feed for that day. It is not necessarily a reflection on you - simply the way people deal with their blog readers. Just an fyi.

  7. I love the post!!! It says so much of what i've been feeling!

  8. hi nice post...anyway thanks for the visit and the comment...

  9. Great post and so many things that I never thought of. I love your blog!

  10. Hi, Maricris. Just stopping by to say hi. This post is an interesting read, thanks. :)

  11. well, mare i guess being transparent is one. don't be afraid to show what you feel at the moment and yes talk about your little girl. as moms we are proud of our little ones and moms like to talk and share notes about their life as a mom c: the good and the bad memories as well. help encourage your viewers too and the last enjoy writing you don't have to write for them write what you yourself want to see and learn c:

  12. I'm a relatively new blogger (since September) trying to build readership, so this is very useful info.

    Thanks bunches!

  13. Great post! I have this problem too. Thanks a ton for posting this!

  14. Interesting post, it's hard to tell what people are going to like. I realy just blog about what's going on. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. Still a reader!

  15. Awesome post!
    It's so easy to relate!
    Oh!Before I forget!MERRY CHRISTMAS!:D

  16. Humorous and informative. I came across your blog through SITS and enjoyed it enough to follow you after the first time I visited.

  17. Love the post!! I never saw your blog get boring..I saw it get real! I always come back for more!! :)


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