December 19, 2008

Bug detour on Entre Card

I'm taking a little detour from my usual posts to make way to this crazy experience I had with Entre Card! Talk about being pi**ed off , frustrated and not to say friggin' scared out of my wits!

Are you an Entre Card user and a frequent dropper ? well then you should read this...

Yes, we all know that Entre Card has its perks but I recently learned the HARD WAY that there's also that BIG RISK of getting infected by a virus when you do your round of drops to Entre Card members! What the frack! I got infected by a malicious virus implanted in one of the members EC widget that I visited 4 days ago! 4 fracking days I can't use my laptop! You do know how that feels right!? Hellish!

What happened was, as soon as I dropped my EC card, my laptop hung, rebooted itself then BAM! The virus was a Trojan worm (win32.Zafi.b) which was freakin' malicious, it was like a NASTY TAPEWORM attached to my programs! Diagnostic was done 3 days and until today, { thanks to hubby's ingenuity } it was finally located and got rid of { fingers and toes crossed }. It hasn't popped out again so it is safely assumed that it was terminated!

The Nameless member was reported of course! Aware or not, reporting the member was the most sensible thing to do. Member will be nameless here because I dont want to discredit him if he was unaware his widget was hacked. OR give him Technorati points either! BUT I WANT you to know who this member is so you can AVOID his widget! Enter your email in the email box in my sidebar and I'll send you the name of the member, what Category he's in AND what to do if you ever get infected by the same worm! {leave a comment that you did so I can check it and add u to the list when I do a blast email}

{Ironically, this member even bought an advert from me which of course I immediately declined- the nerve! Hello? Is the "tapeworm" not enough?}

Needless to say, I missed 4 days of blog hopping, 4 days worth of Entre Card drops, 4 days of worthless waiting and 4 days of roll calls at SITS - how will I ever be saucy! huh!? darn you virus! Darn you who created it! Why do you love making other people miserable!? I'm scared sh*t doing my drops now! May KARMA get you! You so deserve it!!!


  1. Did you send the person a message or anything to let them know what happened? If they are not aware of it, he/she would be able to remove their widget until they could figure out what is happening. If they did it maliciously then they would either ignore you or smack talk you, but either way you would then know if they did it intentionally or if they were just unsuspecting victims.

  2. What an awful experience! I can't believe that happened. I am going to sign up above to find out who it was so I can avoid it. I hope you have gotten rid of the virus forever!

  3. I just had 2 computers "killed" in 1 week by virus through facebook!! Why do people do this! All I hope is that karma will catch up with them. Hope you can get everything up and running!

  4. Hmmmm...I haven't heard much about this Entre Card...I think I am behind on the times.

    I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog:

  5. I entered my email, let me know the information please. I have had enough troubles with worms last year, I don't need it again now that I'm working great.. *knocks on wood*

  6. uohhh...that's a nasty thing no?
    Glad you hubz fixed everything. I am a religious entrecard dropper before but I decided to be inactive. It ec dropping consume most of my time hahaha.

    Have a great day :)
    oh by the way, can i get his name pala

  7. Girl - I'm right there with you!!! I finally have given up on my laptop until after the holiday and resorted to digging out the desktop and using that right now, I just don't have the time to put into fixing that damn thing at the moment.

    So sorry to hear that it happened to you!!!


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