September 29, 2008

Look Who's Talking

Last saturday, my daughter and I had our movie night together and we watched Look who's talking. She enjoyed it so much which I'm glad about because she never bothered me while I did some jewelry crafting - (yes, so much for being our movie night you say, but hey, mama's got to do more to earn some bucks somehow) - while spending "quality" time with her. Anyway, the movie ended and she started commenting how much she loved it while walking slowly towards me with a hippity tippity hop and lovingly said something that sounded so amazing - my ears couldn't believe it - it refused to comprehend her words!

"say what now?" I asked. she went on and muttered the words again...

"what?! say that again..." I repeated while looking at her with disbelief. (she must think she's got a deaf for a mom!)

"Mama, I said...I want to be a mother someday too and be a mom blogger like you!"

"you what???"... ( at this point I lost it! )

Gosh, straight from the mouth of a 4 year old ! I'm like, is this really my daughter ? A spawn of Einstein! I would like to think that my daughter has so much wisdom in her and simply a smart cookie! Her usual words to date are: download, internet, blogging, netflix, laptop, blogs and more. Yet I'm not at all surprised in a way for she's got parents who are both geeks. I guess that this clearly shows that our influence as parents does have tremendous effects as to how our kids will be like someday! Personally, I'm liking what I'm seeing (or hearing) and I would like her to keep it up!

And if she wants to be a mom blogger someday, I'll totally support her 100% !!! And why???

This is why and now this is ME talking:

See my banner lately? yes that beautiful banner there at the top of my blog. Ain't it pretty? Cathy, my sweet bloggy friend, lovingly created that specially for me to lift up my spirits (she did 4 samples just for me! I feel really blessed). She does wonderful buttons and banners. If you need any help "decorating" your blog, she's the one to call! see her at Me and my world . Did I mention she also gives out freebies?

And have you seen my name around blogosphere lately?

Well, last week, Mom Bloggers Club featured my discussion: Will you blog about someone you dislike? on the "Inspired by" section of MBC's front page (still cleaning my email from the alerts- no luck) and a few of my other discussion being circulated back and forth. (Wasn't long time ago when my other discussion was featured which can be found in this post : The power of comment). I'm so flattered.

On sunday, SITS has posted my Giveaway during their sunday shout-out! Thank you to all my fellow Sitstah who joined and to Tiffany and Heather. I felt special. The promo will end on Oct 15th. Come and enter if you haven't yet.

Then today, Laurie of Tip Junkie featured me along with other Mompreneur. I'm definitely blessed and so grateful. It has been a good week so far! If you have cool tips or have a business, submit your information and she'll feature you! It does help a lot in getting traffic to your site.

The highlight of my week was an interview by Lauren Young of Business week! If I was a cat, you'll hear me purring with elation right now. **purr !!!** - a follow-up interview is in negotiation right now. **purr** I feel like a little celebrity dahling!

Best of all, my etsy store is finally taking off. Don't let the number of sales fool you :) - one of my best seller to date are these cute bracelets ! I sold the first 3 listings and I'm working on another order of 16 bracelets right now! ( don't worry, I already did the happy dance at 2am last night!) But I don't mind if you want to do it with me again! Thank you to all my bloggy friends who purchased my stuffs!

Then there's the multitude ( I know I'm exaggerating but it does feel like it) of awards awarded to me by sweet bloggy friends which unfortunately I haven't snagged home yet! I'm getting there , please bear with my (slacking) hectic life! Like the movie "speed" - life is just speeding by so fast. Holidays are here soon - I have to keep up!

And then of course, you'll find my contributions at Working Mother Magazine's online site which is a struggle keeping up with along with my personal blog...

But like what Renee of Cutie Booty Cakes said when I asked her how she got that wonderful invite at Disney : All she said was a simple statement - KEEP BLOGGING! - so say we all!


  1. What a cute story! You have been busy. I love the new Header!

  2. You really have been busy! I have to say I love the movie "Look Who's Talking", very cute show!

  3. Wow! You have been getting lots of attention around the blogosphere lately...congratulations. No wonder your little girl wants to be just like you!

  4. I am soooo happy for you. Look how much things have turned around from just a few short weeks (ok maybe a little longer) ago. And its all because you rock!!! If you didn't rock, there is no way that your daughter would wanna be a mom blogger, lol.

  5. true, we really play a big part in influencing our kids c:

    we all have our share of blessings c: am happy for your booming business c: God bless you more c:

  6. Oh my little on knows Youtube and she's only 16 months. I have a children's songs playlist so she points at it all the time. Your little is so funny, kids say the darnest thing don't they? Of course she wants to be as smart as Mommy!

  7. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. My blog is very new and comments almost none at this stage. I was so excited to see 4 SITStas left a comment. I love you blog. Your stories are so funny! You deserve all the awards you have been getting. I hope to visit regularly!

  8. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. My blog is very new and comments almost none at this stage. I was so excited to see 4 SITStas left a comment. I love you blog. Your stories are so funny! You deserve all the awards you have been getting. I hope to visit regularly!

  9. HI Maricris. I am posting a shout out for your earring giveaway on Blog Around the World that will be up all weekend! Enjoy!

  10. Fabulous! Life is beautiful! Love moms, being mom, the mom life. It's ups downs and everything in between. You're doing great!
    God bless.

  11. much activity..I need to catch a breath after reading your post lol! You are definitely an inspiration and you keep me excited about getting back into the swing of things. Right now I've got priorities..but just like you explained needing to work while you and your daughter had movie least you are home at that time with her and can work partly from home. We have to support them too.

    And what you daughter said..that is so cute..and so classic of a child growing up in this computer tech age lol! I love it!

    Congrats on your sales..all your hard work is paying off!wkbymcxo

  12. I am so happy that your business is going great! You have some really nice things!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello!!! BTW I watched Looks who is talking with my kids when they were little...cute movie..make sure to write that line in her baby book! :)

  13. Your daughter is so smart. Imagine how tech influences the minds of the young. I'm sure someday she'll be a prominent blogger.

  14. ok you lost me :) at her wanting to be a MOM BLOGGER LIKE YOU.

    how sweet is that?!

    *runs to find her own toddler and cuddle*

  15. Hi, Maricris. Just dropping by to see how you're doing. You've got a smart and sweet daughter right there. Take care and God bless. :)


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