August 13, 2008


Thought I'd post a quick note before I head off to sleep. I was adding a page element to my blog and noticed that the usual "add a page element" header tag was replaced with "add a gadget". Has anyone noticed this? If not,You should go check it out for kicks! They've added cool stuffs and cool widgets. I'm so impressed. There's a lot there to use to pimp your blog. Now that's rockin. Those will surely keep me busy for days to come...if you can only see the smile on my lips...smackin' good!
That's it folks. I'm so outta here...*Yawn* Have fun !


  1. Thanks for the tip, I noticed a change but I haven't played with it.

  2. I noticed this a little bit ago; I'm excited to use it. I've used parts of it, but not the newer, really cool stuff!

    Thanks for your post on my page! I would love that! You can use Life's Sweet Passions; I update that one almost every day. I would love to add you to my blog roll! Which blog would you like me to put there? Thanks for your kindness!

  3. Blogger and Wordpress are two blog platforms that compete with updating their system. Gadgets on blogs sounds cool.

  4. please add me to your list of friends added you already c: keep in touch c:

  5. you have great taste of jewelry fashion i too am a jewelry artist and planing to start that kind of business c:


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