July 20, 2008

Just for Fun - A Weekender Post

Not much goin' on. Just bumming around the humble abode with my good ole' bear trying to brainstorm on some business ventures. We're like old farts, what can I say? Been married 5 years but already felt like it's been 20+ years! And with this, I'll recap my weekender post with a bit of entertainment I found in a reputable magazine: It's just a simple no-brainer test to see where you're marriage is at. Just try it for fun. It won't kill you :) I also want to see how this poll work, so you're doing me a favor! Thanks and enjoy!


Your Choices and Score Value:

A : Heck No! = 0
B : Not Sure = 1
C : Maybe = 2
D : Sometimes = 3
E : 100% sure = 4

Your Q's :

1. Even on worst days, I know that if I were in real trouble, my husband would drop everything to help me.

2. We had fun together at the beginning of our marriage?

3. We have our differences, but eventually apologizes if he sees that he's hurt my feelings.

4. If my sister or best friend were married to him, and things weren't great between them, I'd tell her to keep working on it.

5. We were compatible physically at the beginning of our relationship.

6. Though we've gone through difficult times, I can at least tell my kids that they have a dad worthy of their respect.

7. He makes me feel safe.

8. He was supportive of my personal interests and goals the first few years we knew each other.

9. If I had to explain to my kids, years from now, why staying with their dad was good for them and for me, I think I could make a pretty good case.

10. If my marriage dissolved and I later saw my husband out with another woman, I'd feel a sense of longing or sadness or jealousy.

Now Calculate your Points and see your results below:

30 or more : Congratulations! you're Marriage is stable & fulfilling.
20-29 : Oopsy, you're probably in a temporary bad patch there.
less than 20 : You need a lot of work to make your marriage work!

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  1. I Tried this myself and my score is 32. According to the result, this is a good thing! ;) See what yours is!

  2. yeah, i wish i were married heheheh and i'll make sure i'll get a 30 0r more score! lol!


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