June 16, 2008

All about the elusive Zzzz

Power Naps Vs. Coffee

All of us who work are generally sleep-deprived in a certain degree or level. It's unfortunate but it seems to be the norm with us who are type-cast in the "8-5" job. We rush in the morning, we rush at the end of the day. Then, still we rush at home to get some of our household chores done until the wee hours of night. Especially if you're a working mom who tries to juggle your time from being a career woman to a housewife and yet again, for being a mom! And By the time you're done, and ready to get to bed it, it is way past your bedtime. Not much left to snooze, until the next morning where the same dizzying cycle begins. Not just enough time for Zzzzz's..... So what can you do to break this habit or resolve this problem?

I have found this link thru hubby from another blog site that a new study by sleep scientists shows a 20-minute nap combats sleepiness more than a cup of coffee. Time to get that sleep pod installed at the office! Or just install an invisible barrier around me and nap right there and then like what my office mate did one time in his chair . For more tips for counting sheep, check out the top 10 ways to sleep smarter and better.

If that doesn't work, just get to bed early will ya! -


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