February 9, 2017

Gift Guide: Say I Love You This Valentine's Day - The Handmade Way

If you haven't noticed, January is gone - just like that - and here we are in the midst of February, the month of hearts. Though it's baffling how January went by so quick, there is no denying that in no time, Valentine's day will soon be here - in a blink as well. I bet some of you are already on the hunt for that unique gift to give your special Valentine.

What about I help you a bit in that department with these unique and customizable handmade accessories that I'm sure will not let you down.

Gifts that you can customize to make it more intimate and personal:

1. The classic Carve our Names on the tree inspired necklace - This necklace can be customized to feature your name and that special date you both cherish. Could be the day you met or your wedding day.

Get yours customized here.

2. The Matching His and Her Keychain - This keychain features the whimsical quotes "Her one" and "His Only" on a matching tag. It can be customized to feature your special day as well. Or you can just have it as it is.

Get yours customized here.

Let the words say it for you:

1. You hold the key to my heart

2. I carry your heart 

3. I love you to the moon and back 

4. I love you more than coffee

5. Her Pilot and Driver His Navigator matching Paracord bracelets

Tap on the Fandom side:
Nothing says "I Love You" better than gifting someone with a unique item that is inspired by their favorite movie, TV show or Broadway musicals.

1. Hamilton 

2. Supernatural 

3. Dr. Who

4. Pacific Rim

5. Rent Broadway Musical

Or go for the cute and fancy:

Check SteamZen for more unique gift ideas. Our shop features hand stamped, Steampunk, Geeky, Fandom, and Original Artwork Creations. For folks who like anime, we have some of them as well! On the positive side, you'll also be supporting a small business owner by purchasing this unique handmade items.


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