October 3, 2016

Our Enchanting Night at Niagara Fall's Night Illumination

We have so many firsts at Niagara Falls this year in spite of the fact that we've been to the park a few many different seasons for years. Deciding to spend more time "getting to know" the park better, was in retrospect, the best endeavor we've ever undertaken this year! It made us realized what cool stuff we've been missing all this time. Like the Fall's Night Illumination which I have no clue ever existed until this year.

And what an enchanting experience to finally gaze at its magnificent display of ever-changing vibrant colors that dances with the waves and flow of the waters rolling down the Falls, made dramatic by the thick mist surrounding the river. It's almost mysterious yet alluring!

Canada's Hornblower Docking Port 

Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls seen from the viewing deck on Luna Island

Canada's Hornblower on its last trip for the night

Viewing deck on Horseshoe Fall on Goat Island

Obligatory selfie to commemorate my first time at the Night Illumination

Travel Tips to make your visit pleasant:
  • Goat and Luna Islands are undergoing renovations so, be prepared to dodge and avoid some construction zones in the area. 
  • Scared of the dark? Bring a flashlight or use your phone's light to illuminate your way if you desire to go to the islands mentioned above. There are no lamp posts leading to them especially Luna Island. Be warned. It can get very, very dark.
  • Use the bathroom before exploring the two islands. Bathrooms are closed by 9pm. If you can't hold 'em any longer, there are trees along the way, in the dark - your call! 
  • Make sure to check full and special Illumination schedule to make your visit worthwhile.

Our next goal is to see Niagara Falls Fireworks! Can't wait...


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