October 12, 2015

Style Watch: 7 TV Prince Charmings Who are Totally Rockin' The Long Mane and Beard

There seem to be a growing trend with men sporting long hair, long beard and that dreaded Man bun that seems to be catching on in the world of hunky men and a few not so much. Cute celebrities included. Some look good with them, some, I'd say, "lose the hair!" But not to these 7 men in my list. They are totally rocking the long mane, the beard, and they look totally delish!

They're simply that good. They don't even have to try. These men dominates the world of TV and my living room. It's time they dominate yours! Oogling recommended. Totally.

Meet my top 7 Tall, not-so-dark, handsome men, worth wasting your time on in front of your TV:

Aidan Turner. Well known for playing Kili in the Hobbit and Being Human (UK version). He is an Irish actor. Height: 6'0. Age: 32.

Henry Cavill. The new generation (British) Superman! He was a prominent face in the TV series, The Tudors. His look is a breath of fresh air. Height: 6'1. Age: 32.

Francois Arnaud. Canadian actor. Best known for his role as Cesare Borgia in the TV series The Borgias. He's got the classic look that makes him hard to forget. Height: 6'2. Age: 30.

Anson Mount. The all American bad boy hero Cullen Bohannon on Hell on Wheels. He can sport a salt and pepper hairstyle like it was nobody's business. Height: 6'1. Age: 42.

Chris Hemsworth. Thor. Should I say more? Australia's pride and our over-all Viking Marvel superhero. Height: 6'3. Age: 32.

Jared Padalecki. Everything about his good looks seem super-natural. Nothing about him is depressing. Height: 6'4. Age: 33.

Jason Momoa. Exotic is the best word to describe this hunky hunk. An iconic figure in the now cancelled Stargate Atlantis as Ronon Dex. I have yet to see him do the hula. Height: 6'4. Age: 36.

Tom Mison. The adorable English persona of Ichabod Crane in the TV series Sleepy Hollow. Nothing sleepy about him. If at all, he is totally dreamy. Height: 6'1. Age: 33.

There you go ladies - and gentlemen. Don't you think these men rocked the look?
Who's your favorite?


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