August 6, 2015

Life Hack: How To Easily Remove Security Tag from Clothing

Photo: Staples

I went back-to-school shopping at the mall a few days ago and splurged on two pants which I got for a freakin' bargain price. I went home happy thinking about all that money I saved but only to be dismayed when laundry day came. The cashier forgot to remove the security tag (non-ink one) from one of the pants! This never happened to me before so, I was left with a huge challenge of removing it. If you encounter this same annoying predicament for items you purchase - not stolen (you know who you are) - here is an easy and quick way of removing the security tag from your clothing.

This hack is intended for security tags without the ink pack.

1. You'll need Cutter pliers and a sturdy wooden or metal stick.

2. Cut through the contoured hump on the front side of tag and clip-off the plastic until you get an opening big enough to poke the metal strip that's holding the pin in place.

3. Once you get a good grip, push from the bottom part of the metal strip towards the right side, away from the pin. You'll hear a click and that's your cue to separate the pin from the clip.

That's it. Freedom!

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