June 12, 2015

DIY: How to Repurpose an Old Toy Chest into a Chic Living Room Accent Furniture

Got kids? My bet then is you have the popular Circo white toy chest as well.

If I'm right, here's a fun, easy and quick DIY project for you. This is of course if you want to keep them instead of tossing them away or donating them to Goodwill. I kept mine because my daughter's toy chest not only held her toys then but also memories. Memories of her being a baby and growing up. That toy chest stayed in her room for years all the way to when we moved to our new house. She's a tween now and the toy chest is no longer appropriate. And because of that, I got to put my creative genius in repurposing her old toy chest and giving it a total makeover.

If you have the same one or similar and would rather keep it, then read on for the tutorial and turn yours into a whole new furniture that's chic and useful.

What you'll need:
Acrylic paint of your preferred color and brand
paint brushes - small and large
paint tape or blue tape
Decorative Vinyl decal

The beauty of the white toy chest is that it's already primed with white paint. Which means, there's no need to do additional work. You can immediately paint over it. In this project, I only painted the "inside" spaces of the box so that the edges acts as a frame to accentuate the color. Giving the box its new stylish, modern look.


1. Before you paint. Tape the edges to protect it from accidental smears - unless you're a pro and have steady hands, then you can probably get away without it.

2. Using the small brush, start outlining the inner edges of your canvas. Once that's done. Start painting the rest of it with your large brush to cover the entire space. You can apply two or three coats, depending on the intensity of the color you're using.

In this project, I used Americana water-based acrylic paints (2 fl. oz). I wanted to achieve a pastel hue of teal so I combined Turquoise blue and Citron green. The great thing about this type pf paint is that you can control the viscosity of the paint by adding water. It also makes paint easier to apply. 

3. Do the same thing on both sides. Let it dry.

4. Apply your decorative decal.

In this project, I used reusable silver metallic dandelion decorative decal. The great thing about using this type of sticker is that I can replace the design whenever I want to.

5. Once your design is set in place, you're done. Congratulations! You have a new chic furniture.

The finished product. 

Sample Uses:
Throw blankets or throw pillow storage
Book storage
Side table with storage
Shoe storage
Accent table with storage

If you like this project, please share it.  Also, send us a picture of your completed project so we can brag about your fabulous work. Happy DIY-ing!


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