March 31, 2014

Why I Hate Gray Hairs And I'm Not Alone In This

Yes, right on the bat, I would tell you that I hate gray hairs! Seriously. Imagine yourself looking older than you really are! That's what gray hairs would do to you. Then there's the pain in the rears of getting it colored, covered, hidden, camouflaged... Ah my hair! Not only is it time and money-consuming, it is rather very cumbersome!

I can hear you saying "Just embrace it!"  Trust me, I've heard that so many times. Not just from other women-friends but more from my unfazed-by-gray-hairs, indifferent, male peers who would endlessly rag me about embracing it. But no. I can't. I won't. Not yet.

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Not until I get over the facts that:
  • I can't stand the odd - "she's old" stares - I'm Asian, I get more odd stares than anyone else but having gray hairs topped it all.
  • I can't stand the word "ma'm" - Gray hairs eliminated my days of "Hi Miss!"
  • I can't stand the pockets of white hairs on top of my head against my dark ones - I look like a Dalmatian with white spots rather than black. Arf!
  • I get a little insecure looking "aged"! - If I were a cheese, I wouldn't mind the Aged look ya know but I'm not a cheese, so there!

Does gray hairs make me feel ancient? Yes
Am I in denial? Probably.
Am I ready for it? No. No. NOT even by the hair on my chinny chin chin.

I'm not alone...

"Gray hair and sagging skin. UGH Can't I just be younger again?" - Nanette Gomez

"Grey hair. I hate spending money on coloring my hair!!!" - NYSinglemom Grant

"It should be against the law of nature to get wrinkles (or grey hairs) and zits at the same time. Hmph." - Beverly W.

"...grays make me CRAZZZZY!!!" - Ashley Johnson

Is this you? Can you relate?

Note: Comments above are from real women and their honest opinions and quoted just the way they said it!


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