March 11, 2014

30 Ways To Unplug Your Way Into The Living

Doesn't it offend you when you are talking to someone and their nose is stuck on their phones and their fingers are busy doing its thing while they're "pretending" or "trying" to listen to you? These days, it's now referred to as multitasking. I admit, I'm guilty of this "crime" once too often. Though in certain social circles I belong to, this is unofficially accepted but not totally embraced by all. If any, it's more of an impending demise of a skill our society used for socializing - for we are slowly getting overrun by our addiction to Gadgetism!

Plugged 24/7
Who among you would admit to regularly checking their emails, their text messages, their social networks, their phone, not just once but countless times a day? This including playing with your favorite, addictive, online games and movies for hours on end. Let the un-guilty cast the first stone!

More to Life by unplugging
Seriously, it won't cost you the world if you unplug once in a while. Rather, you're actually adding more meaning to your life by doing so. And it won't hurt if you take time-offs from your demanding relationship with your gadgets every now and then. Instead by doing so, it gives you more time to spend quality time with your family and friends and the things you love.

Ways to Unplug
  1. Start reading a physical book again and get your gray matter stimulated
  2. Visit a bookstore or a library with your family and rediscover the wonderful world of books
  3. Visit a museum 
  4. Play that card game y'all love
  5. Go to a coffee shop and enjoy your favorite coffee with a friend
  6. Or call that friend you haven't talked to in a while and play catch-up
  7. Go to a park and play ball with the family 
  8. Or go to a Plantation and have a picnic
  9. Walk on a trail and enjoy the scenery, alone or with the family, or with a friend
  10. Go dancing with your husband
  11. Go on a GNO or BNO to unwind
  12. Take Tai Chi classes
  13. Take Yoga classes
  14. Dance Zumba on Kinect
  15. Take up gardening
  16. Go to the movies with the family
  17. Do crafts with your children
  18. Go to a spa and get a massage
  19. Get that overdue mani and pedi 
  20. Get a new hairstyle
  21. Go to a wine tasting
  22. Attend a cooking class
  23. Sign up for a stampin' class
  24. Finish that jewelry creation you started
  25. Go to the beach for a long weekend
  26. Gather friends together for a Wine and Paint class
  27. Attend a photography workshop
  28. Then start a photography project
  29. Go up the mountains and spend a relaxing weekend
  30. Exercise - Take a walk or jog around your neighborhood

Possibilities are endless - let your imaginations lead you. But to do that, you  must unplug first. So, unplug away. It's good for your body, mind and soul.

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