December 28, 2013

Top 5 Must-Have Filipino Food To Welcome New Year

All these Holidays flying by is making my head spin. It's dizzying as a roller coaster ride with tons of loop-de-loops! But I'm happy to welcome new year with open arms (or legs even) because it's one of my favorite holidays. It's the biggest and most celebrated holidays in the Philippines and one, as a child, we totally love growing up! It's noisy, loud, alive and smokin' with firecrackers of all shapes and sizes and a day of jubilant celebration! But it's also a day filled with superstitions - especially with food!

To celebrate New Year right, the way we Filipinos do it, you should start with the right food.

Here are the top 5 Must-Have foods at Media Noche:

1. Pancit - All-time favorite. This is our traditional noodle dish. Noodles with their lengthy strings represents long life. Thus, if you have noodles and eat them on New Year, it is believed to guarantee that you will be blessed with long life for the upcoming years. Imagine the life span you'll gain every year just by eating noodles!

Some popular Filipino variations of Pancit:
Pancit Palabok
Pancit luglug
Pancit Canton
Pancit Bihon

2. (Filipino) Spaghetti - Non-traditional approach to the noodle requirement but it shares the same characteristic and it has been adapted since as an acceptable proxy for the traditional Pancit. It's not the regular Spaghetti you are used to though. This recipe calls for hotdogs!

Source Biko - Urban Eats

3. Biko (Sticky rice cake dessert) - Biko is a very sticky rice cake made of glutinous rice. The significance of this dish is its sticky characteristics which translates to good fortune sticking around throughout the new year! Sweet deal. They're also very yummy!

Biko recipe

4. Oranges and purple grapes - These fruits with their round shapes represents money (coin) or fortune. They are a permanent item in the must-have foods list. The more, the better! They are sometimes accompanied by gold coin chocolates to the delight of young kids!

Source Quezo de Bola - Skyscanner

5. Quezo de Bola (Round Edam Cheese) - This is a very iconic item on our dining table each new year. It seem like feast is not complete without it. The cheese comes in different sizes but are traditionally round and encased in a festive red-colored paraffin wax. This also makes a popular appearance during Christmas. But because it is round like number 4, it got itself a permanent spot on the list.

Lumpia Shanghai
Cassava Cake
Leche Flan

All these foods are consumed during Media Noche - At the strike of midnight. First dinner meal of the new year!


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