November 27, 2013

A Giftful Farewell to Southern Christmas Show

It's been years since the last time we visited the Southern Christmas Show. If it wasn't for free tickets - thanks to my husband - we probably wouldn't bother going again this year. Now, don't get me wrong. The place is great for early Christmas shopping, bar none, but it's just one of those busy, crazy places that you'd rather avoid. Unless of course, you are a brave soul and are determined to shop till you drop while fending off other holiday-crazed shoppers! Thankfully, going at the last day of the event was a good choice. The place wasn't as crowded and it made for a good (window and non-window) shopping experience somehow.

To be honest though, I'd rather buy my schtuffs online - Thanks Jungle-named Prime! No fuss. No hassle.

But visiting wasn't in vain. We were with friends who are first-timers and that made it fun-ner. It also gave me great holiday gift ideas visiting the multitudes of shops in the entire 3 halls - which I will use as a mini-holiday gift guide for myself. I also yet again, got the chance to meet interesting characters and willing victims, er, model, for my camera at the show, and that was fun as well!

Here are some fun finds at the show:
I'm only featuring a few photos, or this post will turn into an endless photo diary.

Note for the future: The show is HUGE - 3 halls huge - and there's no way you can see each and every shop in the selling area. Just impossible. One day is not enough. To tackle it, you have to have a definite game plan. It's easy to get distracted trust me. Scan the vendors list and choose which ones you want to see. Otherwise, do what we did - spontaneous hit and miss!

Like the Hunk Santa? Then YOU will like this hunk of a Prince Charming as well.


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