October 23, 2013

Wanted: Someone Who Believes in Me

My title probably sounds like a desperate call but it could well be to a certain degree. Both professionally and emotionally. I think we all do one way or the other. Take Bill Gates for example. If it wasn't for his friend Paul Allen who believed in his abilities and who kept pushing him to open a new software company, we wouldn't have Microsoft today. Steve Jobs wouldn't have Apple today if Mike Markkula, former Intel Executive, did not believe in him and have not to invested $250,000 into Apple in January of 1977. Then there's the rags to riches story of Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer of Journey, who happens to be Filipino - ahem! His story digs deep into the heart of having someone truly believing in you.

Pineda's success today was because of a friend and fan who believed in him and his abilities. Noel Gomez, would spend 4 to 8 hours uploading Pineda's videos via a very slow dial-up internet connection. He persevered doing this without asking anything in return. And all this on his own accord, money, time and effort because he believed in Pineda! Gomez's dedicated goal was to help get more eyes on Pineda and boost his popularity. But he got more than he was hoping for. Neal Schon, Lead Guitarist of Journey, saw the videos he uploaded, contacted Gomez to connect him to Pineda but of which he [Pineda] immediately dismissed as hoax. With Gomez's urging, Pineda gave it a go and the rest is history!

Two Lessons realized:

  • We all need someone like Noel Gomez who truly believe in us and will go that extra mile or two to help us reach the road to success. 
  • We all need someone who is willing to give us that one or two, chances or that needed break we always needed to jumpstart our success. 

Don't stop believing.

Someone who believes in me:
When I started blogging actively, Maria Bailey unknowingly gave me that chance I needed to jumpstart my blogging career. She invited me to her Logitech event in Cary NC. My very first blogger event. Attending her event opened up the gateway to opportunities and introduced me to a whole new world of blogging. Maria Bailey is one of my solid foundations as a blogger. She doesn't know it but now she knows.

I won't stop believing.
That out there, I will find my own Noel Gomez. Someone who will wholeheartedly believe in me and my abilities and will help me find that path to success and open the gates for me, to infinity and beyond!

And YOU, Don't stop believing!


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