October 29, 2013

Last-Minute Halloween Fashion and Costume Ideas

Halloween is a couple of days away. Are you fashion-ready, costume-ready or still clueless as to what to wear or how to be in style at this spooky fun event? We've got some creative, fashionable ideas that are easy to do, no-sew, inexpensive and almost free!

To get party-ready, try these two attractive nail arts:

  • Candy corn design - All you need are three colors: yellow, orange and white nail polishes. Apply each color horizontally. Two coats works best. Polish it off with clear coat to give it that glossy look!

  • Halloween Night with Yellow Moon - I love this design! So sparkly and reminds me of a star-filled sky. Simple yet quite attractive. Nail design made for partying! Only 2 colors are needed: Yellow and black plus glitter polish to give it that sparkle.

Quick, easy, no-brainer Halloween costume ideas:

Be a Glam Witch or a Black Kitty
I put all these costumes together last-minute (because I was a slacker and ran out of time) for a party. I rummaged through my closet and found our outfits.

Glam Witch
Struck luck with my black sweater dress. Put on an old wig from last Halloween. Accessorized it with black pearl necklace and black pear bracelet. Whipped up my creativity and turned a skeleton streamer into earrings. Wore spider rings from last year's Halloween. Put on my hardy boots and did a short errand at target to pick up a few accessory and I was good to go!

Additional accessory:
Witch hat - $3
Halloween fabric ( I used as a scarf) - $4.99
Striped Tights - $4.99

Black Kitty for the Kiddo
I found my black peasant skirt and she found her black shirt and her black tights. Picked up some Kitty accessory for $7.99 and that completed the ensemble.

Our total expenses: $20.97 for both costumes - Now that's some serious savings!

Happy Halloween! 


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