October 24, 2013

Fall Family Fun: Amazing Maize Maze at Rural Hill

I never thought getting lost can be fun! This, of course is the case if you are in a 7 acre corn maze with a bunch of excitable friends who are as clueless as to where they're heading as you. This is my first time tackling a maize in this humongous proportion! 7 acres is no joke especially when you're dwarfed by tall corn stalks and engulfed in it. Add dead-ends and multitudes of twist and turns that leads to the unknown. But that didn't stop us from having a grand time at the Amazing Maize Maze at Rural Hill. All Two hours worth!

Yes, two hours! That's the average time it takes to find your way out -- less if you have help at the very start. Yes, I did say "with help". Unless you're a good tracker and can sniff your way out then you're my man or gal! But no, it isn't that easy especially when you have young ones with you who you know will easily get tired, bored or give up altogether.

Here are important SURVIVAL tips to endure your way through the maize:
  1. Refillable Water Bottle - Very crucial that you have one with you. You'll be thirsty count on it! Imagine this, You are deathly thirsty and you're in the middle of a dead-end or far from the drinking stations and you've got none of that precious liquid with you. See the horror in this scenario? Unless you're a camel then you're good! Remember 7 acres.
  2. Wear comfy sneakers - You're going to do A LOT of walking. Two or more hours worth! You're also walking on dirt paths which can get easily muddy if it rained. 
  3. Bring snacks - As crucial as water! All that walking can get you hungry too. If you have young children doing the maze with you, the more you need to bring some. Rural Hill have snacks stations where you can pick up some before heading inside the maze.
  4. Work as a group - Nothing else makes the maize easier to tackle than having everyone in the group strategizing as one. Like trial and error, everyone gets the chance to lead and try their theories. Even the children gets a go for it.
  5. Ask for help - Yes you can! When you're stuck in a spot and you seem to be going in circles, can't find your way out and you've got children bored out of their wits, there are "help stations" all over the maze for you. Rural Hill's maze experts are posted in several areas to extend helping hands. They will speak in "riddles" but you'll easily figure out what the answers are!
  6. Two or Three Maps is better than one - You read that right! Having three eyes looking at the map and trying to figure out which way to go especially when you only have 1 or 3 separate pieces of it to go with on your game board helps a lot. 
  7. Be Hansel and Gretel - Leave markers at the entry of each path you take. After a while everything starts looking the same. Having a marker eliminates the vicious cycle of going around in circles!
  8. Set a goal - There are three ways you can tackle the maze. You can collect the map pieces that gives you the easy way out, collect them all and get out, or collect some (or all) and collect the word puzzle while at it.  Although giving up is an option, I won't recommend it!
  9. Take it easy - Don't rush it. It's not a very good option. Take small breaks to catch a breath, recollect your composure or just because.
  10. Just have fun - That's exactly what this maze is all about. For fun and adventure. You're not required to take it seriously. 

Bonus tip: If you are at the verge of giving up, make sure to seek out John or Michael posted inside the maze. These two have been very helpful to us during our confused times. Michael helped built the maze. "I can walk through the maze at night without a flashlight!" he said. Which obviously I will never be able to do! But he's been a big help so tap into his expertise when you're lost in maize limbo!

And at the end, reward yourself with a funnel cake!

Amazing Maize Maze ends on November 3. Go and get lost -- in a fun way, if you haven't yet.


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