October 15, 2013

4 Easy and Stunning Halloween Decor Ideas

You know it! Halloween's right around the bend and for Halloween enthusiasts, massive decorating is on! Are you up for the challenge? I always love a good challenge and decorating is one of my weaknesses. But here's the caveat, I dislike (like a lot) breaking my bank for a  whole entourage of decors that will approximately last just a few days! No fair. This is where a little DIY and some elbow grease on my own comes into play. I don't mind that. Stunningly attractive decor that costs less or nothing at all? I'm in! Check some of these ideas I came up with. It's my first time doing Halloween decor. Believe it. Let me know what you think!

1. The Witch of the East heading home

Most of the pattern here, I found free online except for the tree branch, the owl and the huge bats which I drew and cut from a poster board. Having a steep stairway and a high blank wall made these decor perfect where it is.  Gives you the illusion of flight when looking up.

Get bewitched here:

2. Rats in trouble! 
I hate rats but these are cute and fun to look at. But watch out! Cats are hot on their trail. Beware of cats!

These decor looked awesome on the upper landing of my stairs.

While this one is on my daughter's bedroom door. Love the cat in hiding and ready to pounce!

Get them Rats and Cats here:

3. Oogly Googly Eyes lookin' at Ya! 
These eyes are super creepy but I love it. They're like telling you, "you've got nowhere to hide. I can see you!" and that's what I wanted to convey! I created the four smaller eyes. The big ones are from a template from Paging Super Mom.

Get the huge eyes here: Psychedelic Eyes 

4. My WatchWitch and her Goonies
This witch is a life-size cut-out I bought from the Dollar Store, partnered with glow in the dark gel cling-ons ghoulies and pumpkins at the dollar section of Target. Don't let the smile fool you! Enter at your own risk...

Now that you have what you need, go creating and decorating! Enjoy my pretties!


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