August 28, 2013

Homeowner Woes: I Hate Forrest Gump and His Box of Chocolates!

I don't hate (well, maybe sometimes) but Forrest Gump and his "box of chocolates" epiphany is just proverbially annoying me right now! Especially with the "you never know what you're gonna get!" part because right now, I'm feeling like we got the crappy chocolate out of his box! "Why Forrest Gump? Why add crappy chocolates?!"

Truth be told. It really has nothing to do with Forrest Gump. It's all about LIFE being like his box of chocolates. You REALLY never know what you're gonna get!

We sure did not.

Not when we moved to this house.

We sure got us some crappy chocolates!

We love the house. We love our property. Neighborhood is great. Our location is awesome! Then there's our backyard...

My poor backyard.

It is infested with repeat trespassers who have no respect for one's privacy, notice, owner or warnings. They're kids. Pre-teens to teens. And they're truly one, stinkin' crappy chocolates!

The posted sign on my backyard property that says it all but is ignored.

And don't tell me, they're just kids because these kids are mean and disrespectful and clearly won't take "NO" for an answer.

They egged my house. Broke my mailbox flag. Among other unacceptable things.

It's almost like a bad scene out of a Hollywood horror movie! But this is real. As real as us inheriting the "sin" of the previous owners. Did I say crappy chocolate!?

Police was involved. Will be involved. And always will be if these pests continues to commit the crime.

I'm keeping count and keeping track.

You should know, this is a nice neighborhood no doubt about it but only one flaw: These pesky kids! Seem like they're not afraid to go to jail and get fined for violating law repeatedly.

"Forrest Gump hand me another chocolate!"

"And PLEASE not another crappy one..."

P.S.  Don't mind the gap.
If you don't hear from me in a month, I'm probably busy tracking Forrest Gump and getting him to retrieve his box of crappy chocolates!

Ah the (un) joy of moving... You really never knew what you're gonna get! Crap!

If you're dealing with the same crap and don't know what to do or where to start  ( I swear I know that full well), contact your HOA and get them involved. Get them informed. Email them every detail.  And have them email a news bulletin to all homeowners. Also, the board members may know full well these trespassers and can exercise their authority to confront the offenders with the issue and make them stop.

  • Take pictures.
  • Take videos.
  • Install cameras.
  • Post No trespassing signs.
  • Deliver verbal warnings.
  • Document each incident in a journal.
  • Call the Police and press charges.
  • (Last but not the least) Put up fence (our upcoming project)

For more info on Trespassing:  

Did you ever have to deal with trespassers? What did you do? 


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