April 5, 2013

How I took Control and Redesigned My Path to A Better Career #MSNKnowNow

Whenever I fill-up a form or is asked about what I studied in College, it almost always never fails to transport me to a time in my life when it was more of a disadvantage having a degree in Architecture. Back then, it was a predominantly male-dominated world and being a woman was an anomaly.

And it was.

After graduating in college, I was fortunate enough to immediately land a job in a modestly big Architectural firm in the city. Great right? No. The problem? I was a woman. I was a misfit in an industry ruled by men. Like a classic office politics, it was instantly decided on that since I was a woman, I'm not fit to work in the construction sites or be near any buildings being built. I was pretty much stuck in the office working as a... secretary. Believe it.

Back then I knew it will take a nuclear bomb to break down the wall of equality. Rather than get depressed about the whole situation which is really NOT doing me any good and not paying me what I deserve, I took action and changed career!

It was a bold move. I quit and like heaven-sent, easily got employed by the top telecommunications company in the country and worked in the corporate department of the Customer Service Division. I was talking to Senators, politicians and even the country's President's mom! I was promoted in no time. And I was going places and visiting different countries! It opened a whole new world for me. Best of all, I was making more money than my former colleagues.

Proudest moment. Bar none.

If I did not take control of my life and the direction of where my career was leading me to, then I wouldn't have known that there is a better world out there for me and I wouldn't have discovered the beauty of changing careers and the fulfilling challenges of redesigning the path it led to!

Change is never a bad thing especially if it means getting something better.

If you're in a rut right now, break the barrier, and take control. Who knows what wonderful thing awaits you out there. You won't know until you try! So, go and try!

Just like the All New MSN -- reimagined and redesigned to give you a better and faster experience, YOU too deserves a redesign right now!

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