April 20, 2013

Busy Burning my Hands...Creatively...over Cat-Themed Birthday Party Crafts { With Tutorial }

Didn't the week just flew by like a blur? Well, while you are enjoying your week, enjoying all these glorious, sunshine-y day {filled with pollen unfortunately}, walking  your dog and having a blast at your child's soccer game or dance recitals, I, on the other hand got stuck with a glue gun -- who like a sadist, burned my fingers, not just once but enough times that I may have screamed "bloody hell" and bleep, bleeped here and there at it quite a few times! And all these? For the love of Cats! Oh ya.  The price I pay for being crafty!

The culprit for my Ouchies?! An 8 year old who recently turned 9 and wanted a Cat-themed birthday party. Yeah that. 

My hairs may have turned gray-er this past week too. "Thank God for hair colors!" I may need one REAL soon. But before I do the do, here are what I creatively crafted for the girl's big B-day!

Cute huh?! Yes they are! They better be. They cost me a few burnt fingers after all. And yes, I know you are thinking "How do I make these cuties?" right now. They're actually very simple -- besides burning your fingers while making them -- putting them together is super-easy!

Materials needed:

Treat Bags ( or sack bags)
Colored Construction papers
Pom-poms or Cotton balls
Chenille Pipe cleaners
Wiggle eyes
Glue sticks for glue gun
Glue guns


Whiskers: Cut pipe cleaners into approx. 3 inches in length -- 6 pcs for each treat bags.
Ears: Cut identical-sized elongated triangles -- 2 pcs.

Arrange all materials on "face" of treat bag to guide you where to glue them on. 2 cotton balls for the snout, one small pom-pom for nose and 2 wiggle eyes for its eyes. Glue the whiskers first, followed by the cotton balls, the wiggle eyes and then the ears. If you want to be cute-r, you can add a tail on the back side of the bag.


Create added cuteness to your entire ensemble by adding focal Cat decor around your "party room"  by spreading adorable CAT FACES everywhere, even on top of your cupcake holder!

Wiggly eyes
Colored Construction papers
Heart foam stickers
Glue gel stick
Medium-sized plate or round to-go-box cover
Glue stick for glue gun
Glue gun

Here's how you do it:
Trace a round shape on preferred colored-construction paper and cut. You can use a plate or in my case, used a to-go-box cover to form the circular shape that serves as the face. Cut thin strips of construction paper  for the whiskers in contrasting color. Cut 2 sets of different-sized triangle for the ears in different colors. Arrange the whiskers and hold it in place with the heart-shaped foam sticker. Attach wiggle eyes with glue gun. Paste the assembled ears approximately 3 inches apart from top of head and you're done!

Decor suggestions: You can create banners using the cat faces and stringing them in yarn. Accessorize the cat faces with "chain" streamers.



Save those plastic eggs from your Easter egg-hunt and recycle them into mice! Just glue wiggly eyes, whiskers, pom-poms for nose and feet and a strip of coiled paper for tail, 2 triangles for ears, then you're set!

Note: Place them strategically around the room -- if you know what I mean. You don't want them Cats going wild during the party!

Now go, get creative! And if you like these ideas, feel free to PIN them, share them on Facebook or on StumbleUponSimply click on the share button below  :-)

Up next,  I'll share a printable Cat-themed birthday party card. Stay tuned! Meow!!!


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