March 21, 2013

The Business of Pottying: A Very Stinky Subject - Always!

I'm lovin' the current potty commercial produced by Clorox. Have you seen it yet? I'm not a loyal user of the product but their commercial captured the genuine essence of the crap-filled experiences we encounter during the potty-training years. I specially love the version where the little boy announced triumphantly "Mommy, mommy, I went potty!" then Mommy excitedly looked at the obvious destination of this potty and saw nothing and had to asked "Where?" -- You get the idea...

It never ceases to make me burst into laughters everytime. Yes, it is funny. But back then, Ah! goodness gracious -- it's another story. Back then the Censor Board would have slapped me with an R {Restricted} rating for potty-mouthing and violent, gory scenes with poopies in areas where they don't belong!

As a mom, I'd say Potty training is easily the ultimate challenge of parenthood. It's almost like training little cavemen. They're wild, barbaric and no toilet manners.

Little stinkers!

But looking back, there was a time between pre-potty training to about when they're 4 or 5 when Potty-talk becomes a normal part of our daily topic. We talk about the color, the consistency, the frequency -- and no matter how stinky it is, it doesn't seem to faze us any more. I think our nostrils gets pretty immune after several encounters with the poopies!

The little cavemen trained us well.

And the accidents! Who can't forget them?! They're the utmost pain of the training. It's a nightmare when it happens somewhere other than your home and your caught unprepared.

Unprepared. Translation: You didn't bring diapers. You didn't bring extra undies and pants. And you're at an event. Miles away from rescue. Sounds familiar?

And then there were those days when you swear your child is almost as territorial as your cat or dog. Scenting every nook and cranny of your house! Their favorite spot being your hallway and you're always reminded that it is, because that is where you walk on out from your bedroom.

But victory is so sweet when they do it right. Ah...the potty-training days. Life's way of saying, "Dude! The big joke's on you!" and you're like "I'll take it like a true warrior!" and you have the battle scars to prove it! Along with grey hairs and wrinkles...

An afterthought.
I know there's a lot out there that aids with potty-training but what do you do when you are without them? I've been to a few of those nasty situations. What did I do?

I got artsy-crafty with it! We're talking sanitary napkins, paper towels and shopping bags. I suggest you use your bestest imaginations on this one. If you twist my arms, I might just put together a tutorial.

 Now the fabulous Jeanette of Mamifesto have a poignant confession and you will want to hear it. Find out Why she didn't want to Potty train her daughter.

All I can say is, it might be a classic case of deal or no deal.


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