March 16, 2013

Tech Talk: Near Field Communication App for Android Smartphones

Ever seen that wickedly cool commercial of Samsung Galaxy where they bump their phones together and data got transferred like magic?! Well, eversince I saw that feature, I too, wished my android phone have that capability. Don't you wish your smartphones does that too?

This feature is called {NFC} Near Field Communication using {RFID} Radio Frequency Identification. My old Nokia phones had IR port that does the same feature and I obviously miss that. But wish no more. There is an app that does just that. Bump!

Yes bump. Not as famous as Princess Kate's bump but awesomely useful bump no less!

How does it work?
Download bump on Google Play on your smartphone and create your profile. You can tie your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to easily share your informations if need be. To share via bump, open bump app, hold your phones and gently bump your hands together with another bumper. Voila! Instant transfer.

What's unique about it is that it also works on your laptop. Just go to the bump site, select files or photos you want to share, then bump the spacebar with your phone and confirm. That's it!

Now of course, this will only work with another phone that also have the app. Might as well convince your friends who have NFC non-capable smartphones to install apps to experience some bumpity, bumpin' bump time!

Now go bumpin'! Not in the night I hope.

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+ Photo courtesy of Bump via Google Play.


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